Another Book Review: Sarah’s Key

This was 2 month ago’s book club book, the book club that I have only been to once (I feel bad about that, but the timing has been not so great.  I can’t commit to book club when I am fully preggers and in a very busy time with work.  And, to boot, all the ladies seemed to live in the Heights, which is kinda far from where I live.  So a little bit of laziness is to blame as well).

I finished it today, with all my bed rest time to do so.  It was a quick read (about 1.5 days) and pretty good.  I thought it was going to play out differently, so I guess it is good that what I thought was going to happen didn’t happen.  And I learned a bit about WWII history that I didn’t know.

Unfort, I think that means I have read all the unread novels that were on my proverbial nightstand.  I think my friend LB lent me a book, well, she did, but I am not sure if I left it at work or if it is somewhere here at home.  I will have to do some looking around.

I guess I can start another baby book – What to Expect the First Year.  Am sure it will be totally enthralling…


One response to “Another Book Review: Sarah’s Key

  1. Who bought this one for you? Can Boom gets the props he deserves!

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