Springing to Action – Desk

A few weeks ago we finally got to dealing with the desk we had bought a few months back for behind the couch.

We raised it (by adding casters) – here’s Boom hard at work…

and waxed it (’cause it needed some love):

We used Pate Dugay wax that you apply with really fine steel wool (like the kind that people use, evidently, to polish guns – who knew?).

And when I say “we”, clearly Boom is doing all the heavy lifting and physical work – I am doing the mental work and supervising 😉

I love how it turned out!  That wax really let the beauty of the old desk shine though.

Now I just need to get a couple chairs that I want to have behind the desk… Maybe I’ll have time in a few months (???) to do some serious chair shopping… all in good time.


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