I love it when people ask if Boom and I are ready to become parents.  Of course we are excited and really happy to become parents, but can you ever really be ready or prepared?  I think it is always a huge shock…

I am confident, however, that we have done everything in our power to be as prepared as is humanly possible, without really knowing what we are getting into.

We’ve read numerous books (this is not even all of them!)…

and have taken 6 classes, totaling 40 (!!!) hours of our life this past fall.  And we’ve done lots of research on our own on a variety of topics.

The only thing missing is some on the job training, which will come soon enough in 2 days!  I can’t wait!!!


2 responses to “Ready?

  1. Thinking of you today!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the news!!!!! xoxo

  2. I think nothing is as good as on the job training 🙂 You and Boom are going to be the best parents…I can feel it!

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