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[Sorry I have been so bad about updating the ol’ bloggy blog lately – I can’t believe it’s been about 2 weeks since I last posted!  I will try to be better!]

As you can imagine, CM’s life has been all about firsts…

His first out-of-state visitor, Auntie Coco!  It was so great to see Coco, two days in a row!  And Eagle was able to get out here on the 2nd visit.  CM was quite well behaved for her.

His first tubby at home (in preparation for the grandparents arrival and eventual Christmas festivities):

It was technically his 2nd tubby ever, since he got one at the hospital.  And he was a trooper, like he was in the hospital.  He didn’t cry and was just a little fussy when he was trying to figure out what was going on.  Then he seemed to rather enjoy himself.  We have since give him his 2nd tubby at home – I think we will bath him every few days.  With it being so cold and he doesn’t really do much to get dirty, he doesn’t need a tub more than that.

His first Christmas!

Next year, when he is more aware, Christmas will be more fun.  He slept through the whole affair.  and he was a bit crumpy, since there were so many people around and his routine was thrown off.

His little red velour outfit was just perfect (thanks, Al!) – and it fit him perfectly!  He is actually getting so big that he probably won’t be able to fit in it in another week or so.  Good thing Christmas came when it did 😉

(Yarbs took most of the Christmas photos, so will include some of those once I get ’em.)

His first ride on his fire truck:

His Uncle M, Aunt H, and little cousin E sent that adorable fire truck to CM for Christmas from Maine.  I love it!  and I am sure that CM will too, once he can hold himself up and properly enjoy it.

His first (enjoyable) swing ride:

We had put him in the swing once before and he didn’t seem to like it at all.  But this time when Boom tried it out, it was a big hit!  I was off doing some post-Christmas shopping (didn’t end up finding anything I really wanted), and Boom was kind enough to send me a photo of CM in motion!  Although he usually falls asleep in it, I try not to put him in the swing too too much, maybe just during meals or when we really need a break, since motionless sleep is the best.

[I will try to be better about updating, but it really is amazing how little time I have now for things other than anything that has to do with CM.  Not that I am complaining, just explaining.]

He’s due!

Hehehe – today is CM’s official due date.  Obviously, he’s been here for over 2 weeks now – and I can’t imagine life without him.

One, if he had been full term, he would have been quite the butterball.  On Monday we went to the peditrician, and he tipped the scales at 7 lbs 9 oz.  So surely he would have been close to 8 lbs, if not more, if he was a full term baby.  I can’t even imagine how large and uncomfortable I would be!

Two, if he had been full term, he would have missed out on pics with Santa!  On Sunday, we went to our neighborhood party, complete with Santa (who had a full, real beard) who arrived on a fire truck!

He got so many compliments that night – everyone thought he was the cutest baby ever (which he is)!  and very impressed that he was out, being so young.  Hey, he wanted to get out of the house, as did I.

Since this was our first official fun outing with him, we took some pics to commemorate it:

I love this pic!  Both my guys looks so adorable!  and CM actually has his eyes open, looking in the direction of the camera.

Isn’t his little santa cap too cute?  and the neighbors a few down gave us the snowsuit – he looked like the Michelin man!  It was perfect for the cold night, though.

And of course, since he was in a very festive ensemble, we had to take some pics in front of our trees…

At least the trees are up, finally!  though I think a couple do not have bow toppers.  It took about 3 days, whereas usually I can get them all up in just one afternoon.  But I think we still have a pumpkin on our front stoop.  Oh well.  We’ll get the wreaths hung as well as the stockings this weekend.

I can’t believe Christmas is less than 10 days away!  I had grand plans to make a bunch of stuff, but I am not sure that is going to happen.  I never start early enough to make all the things I want to for Christmas – next year I need to remember that and start in the summer!

CM – we are so glad you are here!  Clearly you are an overachiever and wanted to get out of the womb sooner rather than later to put your mark on the world.  Your dad and I already have had so much fun with you – and know it will only get better!

Cry Baby

I’m referring to myself, not lil’ Cash Money.  On Saturday, I managed to shed real teat twice before 2pm.  Oh – it’s the hormones, you say… maybe it contributes to it, but that is just how I am.  Emotional.

One of the Animal Planet shows we sometime watch is Pitbulls and Parolees.  Basically is a reality show about the largest pitbull rescue non-profit, Villalobos Rescue Center, and at least half of the staff are parolees.  I like it on many fronts – it dispels many myths about pitbulls, show how people can be healed by dogs, etc.  And since I know first hand that pitbulls are not evil (just some of the owners), I like anything that gets the real character of pitbulls out.  Anyway, it was a particularly touching show about a dog they rescued, but wh0 had cancer so they had to put it down.  The sad part is that the poor dog was starving and hurting and no one cared.  The poor pup was just barely surviving, and didn’t have anyone to love her or care for her.  Broke my heart.

I hate to think about pups that don’t have good homes, with people who love them a lot.  Our little Ruru is a super dog!  And we love her a lot a lot!  She clearly had a rough life before she met us, so we don’t feel bad giving her lots of loving and all the creature comforts.

So the second thing that brought on the water works was the Army-Navy game.  All the commercials were so patriotic, they gave me chills!

Then Boom was all, Sometimes I think I would like to bring Cash Money to the Army-Navy game, but I don’t want him to aspire to be in the Army or Navy.

And I was all, Well, you and your dad were in the Navy / Marine Corps and stayed safe.  My cousin, T, went to Westpoint and served in the Army and remained safe.

And Boom was all, That was all luck.  I don’t want CM to go into the military cause it is dangerous.

Then I started thinking about it – how I definitely didn’t want my son to go into the military – what if he got hurt or worse?!  and then I started crying, big time.  and I told Boom, though my tears, that  I didn’t want CM to go into the military either.  And he was all, You are crazy.  He is two weeks old.

I am a little bit crazy, I have never claimed otherwise.  But I like to think it is a good crazy.  Crazy b/c I feel things so acutely, so strongly, that crying has always been something I struggle with.  I’d rather be like that, than not feel things at all, though.  And Boom loves me, my whole bowl of crazy, and that is what really matters.  Hopefully CM will as well – love his crazy mum.

Crafting again (a little bit)

(Don’t read this if you think you might be getting a handmade treat from me for Christmas…)

Now that the absolute newness of CM has worn off, and things are less chaotic, I am able to do a little crafting while he sleeps (and he sleeps a lot!) in between feedings.

This is what I am working on:  felt and fabric ornaments!

Little sweaters from felt and skirts from fabric scraps.  I even made the little wire hangers!  Here’s a close up of one of the cardigans:

The DIY tutorial was on one of my favorite blogs, and I knew I had to make some.  (Thanks D*S for posting the DIY tutorial, and thanks Wise Craft for creating the tutorial!)  I enjoy the little details – it is kind of like meditating for me.  Soothing in a way. Hopefully I can get these finished this afternoon. and then get started on another project – so many to choose from, so little time!  I like making ornaments, as they are small and quick.  (I am thinking I may try making some of these stuffed star ornaments next – and maybe personalizing with a single monogram…)

My mumsie, however, took one look at my felt sweaters and was all, you like doing stuff like this?  It looks so tedious!  Hehehe – I guess the apple did fall far from the tree in the crafty respect.

And finally, pretty flowers that one of CM’s many admirers brought over:

I love fresh cut flowers!  Such a luxury and indulgence.  That is one thing I love about NYC – all the flower stands at every corner.  When we thought we might be moving there after Boom graduated from B-school, I told him I’d be buying flowers every week so we could have them in our (teeny) apartment.  Turns out we didn’t move up there, but whenever I get flowers, I always think about that time in our lives, when we didn’t know where we were going to land.  Seems like a long time ago, and I guess it was, nearly 7 years ago!

Life these days…

is mainly me hanging out with my little man.  Quite a change of pace – though he does keep me on my toes!  Mumsie is here to help out, since I am supposed to be taking it easy after major abdominal surgery (i.e. Cesarean section, or C-section, or c/s).  And I have been, mainly b/c I don’t want a huge scar or hernia due to pushing it too soon after the c/s.

Boom thinks we look like twinkies in the pic above.  and that we both look like aliens.  I know little Cash Money takes major offense to that. I don’t really see the alien-esqueness, but whatever.  I think CM is adorable, so if we are twinks, that must be a good thing.

The main issue is that baby gets gas.  and has a hard time getting rid of it – so he needs a lot of help.  So feeding take 1+hours, as one has to burp him very aggressively after about 10 swallows.  And then changing the diaper – sometimes he’ll grace us with another peepee (I need to put my Weewee Wigwams to use!) and then there goes another outfit and diaper and changing pad cover.

He really is so adorable, so it is clearly all worth it.  I hear these itty bitty days are fleeting so I should enjoy them – so I am trying to do so.  Trying to be in the present moment and enjoy him and life as it is right now.  ‘Cause I am a lucky, lucky girl!

Baby Jack

Sometimes I can’t believe that he is here! Of course I think he is so beautiful, but I think that other people really think he is as well.

The first night at home was rather challenging. He was adjusting to a lot of things and didn’t sleep great. I was overly nervous (specifically, that he would stop breathing) that I didn’t get any more than 2 hours of total sleep. So the next day was not pretty. Especially with all the hormones raging through me. and I am still recovering from major abdominal surgery – I need to remember to give myself a break.

But last night was a dream! He slept until each feeding, which meant we slept for stretches of 2 – 2.5 hours. So feeling tired this morning, but really great, esp. compared to yesterday morning.

He is a voracious eater, I guess he gets that from me. and really, he only cries when he is hungry or something is wrong. I know he is a new born, and that he is likely lulling us into a false sense of control.

Boom was glad to get him home on Monday in time for the Pats / Saints game (which wasn’t pretty) – mainly so he could take this pic:

My best guys – both looking so cute! If only the Pats could have pulled out a W… oh well.

and this is what he does most days:

We have a bassinet downstairs and use his pack ‘n’ play upstairs, so at least we don’t have to lug anything up and down the stairs for him to sleep in.  and this adorable polka dot blanket is from his Auntie Al – it is great!  So soft and warm.

(and for anyone who is wondering, you really can’t have too many blankets.  I made a ton, but it seems like I am always in need of another.  They get dirty, rolled up to be used sleep positioners, etc.  So I am really glad that I made so many blankets, could use a few more, actually!  Who would have thought?!)