Baby Jack

Sometimes I can’t believe that he is here! Of course I think he is so beautiful, but I think that other people really think he is as well.

The first night at home was rather challenging. He was adjusting to a lot of things and didn’t sleep great. I was overly nervous (specifically, that he would stop breathing) that I didn’t get any more than 2 hours of total sleep. So the next day was not pretty. Especially with all the hormones raging through me. and I am still recovering from major abdominal surgery – I need to remember to give myself a break.

But last night was a dream! He slept until each feeding, which meant we slept for stretches of 2 – 2.5 hours. So feeling tired this morning, but really great, esp. compared to yesterday morning.

He is a voracious eater, I guess he gets that from me. and really, he only cries when he is hungry or something is wrong. I know he is a new born, and that he is likely lulling us into a false sense of control.

Boom was glad to get him home on Monday in time for the Pats / Saints game (which wasn’t pretty) – mainly so he could take this pic:

My best guys – both looking so cute! If only the Pats could have pulled out a W… oh well.

and this is what he does most days:

We have a bassinet downstairs and use his pack ‘n’ play upstairs, so at least we don’t have to lug anything up and down the stairs for him to sleep in.  and this adorable polka dot blanket is from his Auntie Al – it is great!  So soft and warm.

(and for anyone who is wondering, you really can’t have too many blankets.  I made a ton, but it seems like I am always in need of another.  They get dirty, rolled up to be used sleep positioners, etc.  So I am really glad that I made so many blankets, could use a few more, actually!  Who would have thought?!)


3 responses to “Baby Jack

  1. I can’t wait to come home to spend time with my little buddy! He is so so so cute!

    p.s. i must have been missing your updates because i am behind on reading your bloggy blog!

  2. He is a handsome little dude. Fortunately, got his Mom’s good looks!!!

  3. Congrats, Ting and John! I think about you guys all the time wondering what fantastic things you are up to. Looks like life is treating you with all of its glories! Your new little prince is adorable! Love the nursery. Ting, you are more creative than I’ll ever hope to be. Merry Christmas!!

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