Life these days…

is mainly me hanging out with my little man.  Quite a change of pace – though he does keep me on my toes!  Mumsie is here to help out, since I am supposed to be taking it easy after major abdominal surgery (i.e. Cesarean section, or C-section, or c/s).  And I have been, mainly b/c I don’t want a huge scar or hernia due to pushing it too soon after the c/s.

Boom thinks we look like twinkies in the pic above.  and that we both look like aliens.  I know little Cash Money takes major offense to that. I don’t really see the alien-esqueness, but whatever.  I think CM is adorable, so if we are twinks, that must be a good thing.

The main issue is that baby gets gas.  and has a hard time getting rid of it – so he needs a lot of help.  So feeding take 1+hours, as one has to burp him very aggressively after about 10 swallows.  And then changing the diaper – sometimes he’ll grace us with another peepee (I need to put my Weewee Wigwams to use!) and then there goes another outfit and diaper and changing pad cover.

He really is so adorable, so it is clearly all worth it.  I hear these itty bitty days are fleeting so I should enjoy them – so I am trying to do so.  Trying to be in the present moment and enjoy him and life as it is right now.  ‘Cause I am a lucky, lucky girl!

2 responses to “Life these days…

  1. You guys both look really good in the first picture. My issue is it looks like both of you are posing. Jack looks like he is busting some major tude for the camera. Those eyes say “I am pretty much a big deal!!”

    Tingaling met some lady the other day who told her “Jack looks just like you! What does his dad look like?”

    Tingaling – “Umm. He’s white.” There you have it. Now that Jack is on the scene I am just another white home slice to my wife!!

  2. I love that photo of you two – so so cute and not like aliens at all 🙂

    Having little CM here is even better than I would have thunk – you and Boom are great parents already!


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