Crafting again (a little bit)

(Don’t read this if you think you might be getting a handmade treat from me for Christmas…)

Now that the absolute newness of CM has worn off, and things are less chaotic, I am able to do a little crafting while he sleeps (and he sleeps a lot!) in between feedings.

This is what I am working on:  felt and fabric ornaments!

Little sweaters from felt and skirts from fabric scraps.  I even made the little wire hangers!  Here’s a close up of one of the cardigans:

The DIY tutorial was on one of my favorite blogs, and I knew I had to make some.  (Thanks D*S for posting the DIY tutorial, and thanks Wise Craft for creating the tutorial!)  I enjoy the little details – it is kind of like meditating for me.  Soothing in a way. Hopefully I can get these finished this afternoon. and then get started on another project – so many to choose from, so little time!  I like making ornaments, as they are small and quick.  (I am thinking I may try making some of these stuffed star ornaments next – and maybe personalizing with a single monogram…)

My mumsie, however, took one look at my felt sweaters and was all, you like doing stuff like this?  It looks so tedious!  Hehehe – I guess the apple did fall far from the tree in the crafty respect.

And finally, pretty flowers that one of CM’s many admirers brought over:

I love fresh cut flowers!  Such a luxury and indulgence.  That is one thing I love about NYC – all the flower stands at every corner.  When we thought we might be moving there after Boom graduated from B-school, I told him I’d be buying flowers every week so we could have them in our (teeny) apartment.  Turns out we didn’t move up there, but whenever I get flowers, I always think about that time in our lives, when we didn’t know where we were going to land.  Seems like a long time ago, and I guess it was, nearly 7 years ago!


2 responses to “Crafting again (a little bit)

  1. Is J-Man watching you craft in that photo. He seems very interested. Maybe he thinks you are making clothes for him.

  2. Beautiful!!! You’re making me want to make more of these!

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