Cry Baby

I’m referring to myself, not lil’ Cash Money.  On Saturday, I managed to shed real teat twice before 2pm.  Oh – it’s the hormones, you say… maybe it contributes to it, but that is just how I am.  Emotional.

One of the Animal Planet shows we sometime watch is Pitbulls and Parolees.  Basically is a reality show about the largest pitbull rescue non-profit, Villalobos Rescue Center, and at least half of the staff are parolees.  I like it on many fronts – it dispels many myths about pitbulls, show how people can be healed by dogs, etc.  And since I know first hand that pitbulls are not evil (just some of the owners), I like anything that gets the real character of pitbulls out.  Anyway, it was a particularly touching show about a dog they rescued, but wh0 had cancer so they had to put it down.  The sad part is that the poor dog was starving and hurting and no one cared.  The poor pup was just barely surviving, and didn’t have anyone to love her or care for her.  Broke my heart.

I hate to think about pups that don’t have good homes, with people who love them a lot.  Our little Ruru is a super dog!  And we love her a lot a lot!  She clearly had a rough life before she met us, so we don’t feel bad giving her lots of loving and all the creature comforts.

So the second thing that brought on the water works was the Army-Navy game.  All the commercials were so patriotic, they gave me chills!

Then Boom was all, Sometimes I think I would like to bring Cash Money to the Army-Navy game, but I don’t want him to aspire to be in the Army or Navy.

And I was all, Well, you and your dad were in the Navy / Marine Corps and stayed safe.  My cousin, T, went to Westpoint and served in the Army and remained safe.

And Boom was all, That was all luck.  I don’t want CM to go into the military cause it is dangerous.

Then I started thinking about it – how I definitely didn’t want my son to go into the military – what if he got hurt or worse?!  and then I started crying, big time.  and I told Boom, though my tears, that  I didn’t want CM to go into the military either.  And he was all, You are crazy.  He is two weeks old.

I am a little bit crazy, I have never claimed otherwise.  But I like to think it is a good crazy.  Crazy b/c I feel things so acutely, so strongly, that crying has always been something I struggle with.  I’d rather be like that, than not feel things at all, though.  And Boom loves me, my whole bowl of crazy, and that is what really matters.  Hopefully CM will as well – love his crazy mum.


3 responses to “Cry Baby

  1. Yes Tingaling, you have always been the super emotional one – but we wouldn’t have it any other way! And I’m sure li’l CM loves you just the way you are!

  2. CM will be the better for it. If he gets half your passion/emotion he will be a great person.

  3. this is my favorite posting of all time for many reasons. some of them are: 1) it made me laugh out loud, 2) the written dialogue between you and Boom is fantastically captured, 3) it makes me feel better that someone else might be as emotional as I am and cry as much as I do, 4) it exhibits what a passionate and compassionate person you are dear Tinger, which is why I love you so much! cry all you like:)!

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