The perfect gift

For just a little guy, CM sure did get a lot of good stuff this Christmas…

and of course his awesomely cute firetruck…

However, I think I (well, really we, since Boom and I both benefit from it) got the best gift ever, from my bf Yarbs..

12 nights of babysitting!!!  So 1 a month (and each card has a place for the date used, so I can’t reuse, hehehe) – a really great gift (and very intuitive for someone who doesn’t have kid) – good job, Yarbs!  I already have my January date lined up.  Having a kiddo really makes you re-evaluate your priorities.  Since it isn’t easy to go out anymore, we now need to be more picky on what we really want to do.  Boom has been telling me to do this all along, but I never listen.  Now I am forced to prioritize, and it is a good thing.


2 responses to “The perfect gift

  1. They were a selfish gift on my part because then I get to spend time with my favorite nephew by ourselves 🙂

  2. Aw, that was so sweet, E! Not that I’m surprised you came up with a creative gift like that…. 😉

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