If you didn’t know, breastfeeding is a HUGE point of contention for most everyone – and I was really surprised at how passionate people are about it.  I do think that breast is best, but I also think that sometimes things don’t work out as you ideally plan, so you shouldn’t feel bad about decisions you have to make (or are forced to make due to factors outside your control).

Sometimes the second questions people would ask me, after “how is the baby”, is “are you breastfeeding?”.  It really surprised me – and kinda took me aback, especially since it is no ones business but your own (meaning, between you, your baby and your partner).  And no one tells you that breastfeeding is hard, really hard.  and painful – to start and to stop!

However, it has been a point of bonding, I have found, between me and other moms – the fact that breastfeeding is no ones business but your own, and that people should not be so nosy.

Of course, I would do anything for my little guy, but it has to be balanced with your mental and overall wellness.  Cause if you are crazy, your baby and family will be as well.

So (getting off soapbox) the next time you see a new mom, ask her how her baby is and also how she is doing.  And tell her she looks fabulous.  You will make her day!

Leaving you with a cute self portrait of me and CM:


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  1. Amen sista! love you!

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