Elephants, anyone?

I was finally able to make a blanket (see above) with the most adorable flannel I have been able to find, as of yet, and then I realized that elephants must be a popular baby animal right now:

(See CM go!  Swing, CM, swing!)

or maybe elephants are just popular with Dwell Studio and cool people, as ‘neener sent CM an adorable Jellycat elephant…

Regardless, I am loving all the elephants!  (and any Jellycat stuffed animal – Boom got CM a Jellycat cow / ox)  Much better than the traditional ducks and rabbits.  Hopefully all these elephants will tap into Alejandro’s adventurous side (Alejandro is CM’s world adventurer name!) – one day he’ll be able to see them in the wild when he goes on safari (like Yarbs and I did when I graduated from university).


2 responses to “Elephants, anyone?

  1. We love jellycat animals…between Will and Ella we have quite a few. I also feel you on Elephants…we have ended up getting Ella a bunch…like for every birthday or holiday. I hope you are enjoying mommyhood!!

  2. Elephants are prety decent. We need to make sure he has tough stuffed animals. The donkey and the dragon are both pretty decent.

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