Made by…

others!  Jack got 2 handmade gifts this past year:

A matching stocking by his Nana – she has given each family (of her kids) a different pattern – ours is the cute plaid that you see.  She got back from China, was up in Maine for Thanksgiving, and was still able make us CM’s stocking.

– and –

Adorable hand knit booties!  My old Junior League of Richmond transfer chair and then supper club member, L, sent these to little CM.  So so so adorable!  I need to put them on him – I just looking at them.  But he needs to wear them before his feet are too big!

And we got a great Christmas gift from one of our couple friends here in H-town:

Home brewed beer!  with really cute custom labels.  What a great idea!  I even asked Boom if he could brew our own beer this next holiday season.  I really love the packaging potential, but I think it is also a super gift.  and Rye’s Holiday Brew was quite tasty!

Things made by me will increase – I just got my Sulky iron-on transfer pens!  So all my embroidery projects that have been piling up will finally be able to get done!  Just need a little more time in the day…


One response to “Made by…

  1. Cute label on that beer bottle! If you’re interested in doing custom labels for anything, I highly recommend checking out Bottle Your Brand. They do adorable custom labels and their prices are pretty darn reasonable.

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