CM is the forth (so an IV goes behind his name) – here are all three of the living namesakes:

Jack was the 10th most popular name in 2009. I like that he is a forth, so clearly we are not jumping on the bandwagon.

John was the 49th (I think) most popular name in 2009. I think John is a great name – why not call your son John (instead of Jack) if there are not multiple ones in the family?

I know about a dozen little boys named Jack, since the name is so popular now, but I always knew that if we had a boy, he’d be an IV, and thus called what is grandfather goes by, so as not to make things too confusing in the household.

Currently, I am trying to use CM’s world adventurer nickname more – Alejandro le Poopay. I think Boom’s mother thinks I am crazy…

2 responses to “Quattro

  1. I think anyone that spent that much time with you over a two week period would think you are crazy. Crazy good lookin that is!!!

  2. all my friends like ‘Jack’, it is simple and nice…

    by the way I love the video ‘Jackster’ you made, make more……

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