Eight Weeks

This past Friday Baby J turned 8-weeks old! He is such a cute baby!!!

Mom came into town for a couple days, to watch JJ, as well as see Dad sing (he is part of a choir that traveled down to H-town to perform).  She thought he really changed, but not as much as Dad did – he saw Baby J in his swing and was all, Is this Jack?  (and he was serious!)  I was all, No, it is a different and new baby.

Mom is so adorable – she is so crazy about Baby J (what is there not to be crazy about?!).  She has painted his picture (painted, as in brushes, water and paint!) and informed me that she Baby J could be a baby in advertisements.  I asked her, Do you think you might be a little biased?  And she was all, No way, I am not biased (ha!).

He is truly  a pretty super baby – just need to work on sleeping through the night…  all in good time, all in good time.


4 responses to “Eight Weeks

  1. That is a great picture of the J Man. He looks like he is about to say ” I am Baby J! Welcome to my crib!”

  2. Adorable and cherish the moments as they go so fast .. my baby J is now 16. I still remember that precious first year.

  3. yes I love this photo – so cute!

  4. I missed him a lot….

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