Yarb (the sis) took this photo of Baby J – and it made me cry when I saw it!  He looks like such a little boy!  But he is still a baby.  Such an adorable baby – definitely cuter than the two set of genes that went into making him.  (Note: His bottom lip is fuller than is shown in this photo).  The most loved baby ever – between Boom and I, Auntie Yarbs and my mom – and that doesn’t include the relatives that live outside our home state.

I am working to get him on a sleep schedule – so far so good.  I am cautiously optimistic – without jinxing us.  With a more regular schedule, hopefully I’ll have more time to craft!


5 responses to “FREAKIN’ ADORABLE

  1. Love that he is getting more alert by the day. This morning I gave him a bunch of belly zur-burts when I was changing him and he was smiling back at me big time. Can’t wait to here him start giggling!!

  2. Tingaling and Boom – he is adorable!!! I mean just adorable – so handsome. I got your birth notice today, thank you so much for sending it to me 🙂

  3. I love this pic so much! I can definitely see both of you in him here!

  4. Yes, he is a cute little devil!

  5. he changes all the times, cuter everytimes….

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