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Mister McCute

I know everyone thinks their baby is the cutest, but I am quite sure Baby J really is the cutest baby ever!

His growth spurt continues.  He woke up at 3am to be fed, after eating a lot at midnight!  So I am a little tire, but so it goes… Today he has been eating a lot, and also sleeping well.  We had to leave our neighborhood story time a little early because he was soooo tired.

He has discovered his arms.  Now he swings them all the time, sometimes at an alarming rate!  I fear that I’ll get popped in the nose or mouth, in addition to being head butted (due to his sporadic control of his neck).

I am thankful that I can stay at home with him and watch him grow -but it isn’t all bonbons and rainbows.  Motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever done.  But well worth it.  and it’s already become a little bit easier and more fun – I think it will just get better and better when he is more interactive!

Three Months!

Dear Baby J –

Now that things are a little easier, I will be writing you letters each month (yes, much like Dooce).

On Friday you turned 3 months old!  I can’t believe it.  Sometimes the days go by slowly, but then a whole month has passed.  So crazy.

You had been “sleeping through the night” – from around 11:30pm to 5am, but in the past day or so you seem to be experiencing a growth spurt – so you are waking up more often with a man sized hunger.  Yesterday was the first time in your life that you have had over 30 ounces in a 24-hour period.  I am hoping once the growth spurt is over, that all this food will really help you sleep through the night – like from 10pm – 5am.  That would totally rock.

You are much less stingy with your smiles – now you love to give them out pretty freely!  Esp. when you are fussing in your crib and I go to sooth you, you smile and are all “Oh, mummy, you know you want to pick me up!  C’mon, mummy, just pick me up…” I try not to fall for it, but sometimes I just can’t help it!  You are quite the persuasive little dude.

You really are a super baby.  Last night I literally couldn’t stop kissing your cheek – you didn’t seem to mind too much.  I guess I have to get all those kisses in, as one day you’ll ask that I don’t kiss you and embarass you in front of your friends.  I’ll be quite sad that day.  But until then, those cheeks are mine!



Thrifted on Thursday

I love when Mom comes into town for many reasons – an added perk is that I get to be-bop to and fro, which is what I did today!

And this afternoon, I got to do some speed thrifting – my 2 fav thrift stores in H- town, The Guild Shop and Blue Bird Circle – close at 3:30pm and 4pm, respectively.  Here are the treasures I got:

I got all three for less than 16 bucks!  The pressed glass compote (left) was only $2!  They claim the covered candy dish (right) is crystal – I am suspect.  And the small plate in the middle is another piece of Depression glass.  So good additions to my collection.  I didn’t get to check out anything but the glassware – not enough time!  I’ll have to head back at some point.


Yep, we are all smiles around here…

Why? Because Baby J has started sleeping “through the night”!  The past 3 nights have been great – Sat: midnight – 5am, Sunday: 11pm – 4am, and last night (Mon): 1130pm – 530am!  I am quite impressed – he is not yet 12 weeks old!  It really is like he finished his fourth trimester and is now ready to be out in the world.  He’s sleeping well at night, he is a pretty good napper during the day, he’s super alert, and he is just a super, super baby.

And, hopefully there are smiles in Dallas (well, I know there is a smile in Dallas), Boulder, Washington, DC, and Portland, ME – our V-day treats have finally arrived to their intended homes (a little late – I just couldn’t get out to the post office last week for the life of me!  However, Yarbs got her on Friday, so there was a timely smile here in H-town):

Cute, eh?  I got the patterns off the Internet for free and then added the wording – nothing like a little random embroidery to brighten up someone’s day!  I hope they get hung up, and every time my friends look at it – that it makes them think of me and also smile!

Happy V-Day!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Valentine’s Day.  I got to spend a lazy day with my two best guys, so not too shabby!


I posted a comment on the Green Bag Lady’s blog when she was doing her “A Freebie for 50 Sweeties” giveaway.  I usually never win anything – but lo and behold, I got an email indicating that I had been selected to receive a handmade bag!  and guess what came in the mail today…

I love it!  I am quite good about using fabric bags for groceries and am getting better about remembering to bring my own bag when I go shopping (retail), so this pretty little bag will help me that much more!

Green Bag Lady – thank you, thank you, a thousand thank yous!  Be sure to check her out here.


Little dude is getting so big!  Look at him holding his rattle (well, he can hold it if I put it in his hands).  Gym class on Friday was lots of fun as was story time yesterday.  Story time was actually totally adorable!  So many moms / nannies / and 1 dad with their babies.  Lots of singing and activities, I suppose the teacher did read a story in there at some point.  The only thing is that story time conflicts with Jbirds nap, so he was a little cranky until he fell asleep.  I need to get that figured out.  The other library’s Wed story time is a bit earlier, so that will be a little bit better (can’t go tomorrow, but will check it out next week).

I’ve also got some handmade Valentine’s wrapped up and ready to mail out (hope to make it to the PO kiosk when Boom gets home from work tonight) to some special peeps.  No one will be expecting them, which is most of the fun (and everyone getting one will hopefully appreciate the time and effort that goes into a handmade gift)!  I love getting unexpected packages in the mail – who doesn’t?!  Aren’t the tags adorable?  Many thanks to Bunnycakes, for providing the Valentine’s for free!  I’ll post photos of what exactly I made after Vday, so as not to spoil the surprise for those receiving packages.

With Jbird around, I have a “One Event a Day” limit – tomorrow we will have folks in the house dealing with some AV stuff, then Thursday we’ll be touring a “school” that I am trying to get Jbird in starting in Sept (he’ll be 9 months old – and hopefully attending 2 half days a week).  Schools / pre-schools / mother’s day out programs are all super competitive here – I guess it is because they can be  – there are more than enough folks that want the limited spots that each program has.  So wish us luck!