Yep, we are all smiles around here…

Why? Because Baby J has started sleeping “through the night”!  The past 3 nights have been great – Sat: midnight – 5am, Sunday: 11pm – 4am, and last night (Mon): 1130pm – 530am!  I am quite impressed – he is not yet 12 weeks old!  It really is like he finished his fourth trimester and is now ready to be out in the world.  He’s sleeping well at night, he is a pretty good napper during the day, he’s super alert, and he is just a super, super baby.

And, hopefully there are smiles in Dallas (well, I know there is a smile in Dallas), Boulder, Washington, DC, and Portland, ME – our V-day treats have finally arrived to their intended homes (a little late – I just couldn’t get out to the post office last week for the life of me!  However, Yarbs got her on Friday, so there was a timely smile here in H-town):

Cute, eh?  I got the patterns off the Internet for free and then added the wording – nothing like a little random embroidery to brighten up someone’s day!  I hope they get hung up, and every time my friends look at it – that it makes them think of me and also smile!


One response to “Smiles

  1. hey cupcake! there are definitely smiles in dallas, thank you, thank you!! you are so creative and crafty!! 🙂

    I love Jack’s smile in that pic, but what is almost even cuter is John’s smile, as he looks at him. y’all are such great parents already!!

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