Three Months!

Dear Baby J –

Now that things are a little easier, I will be writing you letters each month (yes, much like Dooce).

On Friday you turned 3 months old!  I can’t believe it.  Sometimes the days go by slowly, but then a whole month has passed.  So crazy.

You had been “sleeping through the night” – from around 11:30pm to 5am, but in the past day or so you seem to be experiencing a growth spurt – so you are waking up more often with a man sized hunger.  Yesterday was the first time in your life that you have had over 30 ounces in a 24-hour period.  I am hoping once the growth spurt is over, that all this food will really help you sleep through the night – like from 10pm – 5am.  That would totally rock.

You are much less stingy with your smiles – now you love to give them out pretty freely!  Esp. when you are fussing in your crib and I go to sooth you, you smile and are all “Oh, mummy, you know you want to pick me up!  C’mon, mummy, just pick me up…” I try not to fall for it, but sometimes I just can’t help it!  You are quite the persuasive little dude.

You really are a super baby.  Last night I literally couldn’t stop kissing your cheek – you didn’t seem to mind too much.  I guess I have to get all those kisses in, as one day you’ll ask that I don’t kiss you and embarass you in front of your friends.  I’ll be quite sad that day.  But until then, those cheeks are mine!




6 responses to “Three Months!

  1. I went back and looked at the last picture of him on the John blanket and his head barely came above the bottom arch of the “o”. Now his head is nearly even with the top arch of the “o”. He is getting to be a big, little guy.

  2. He’s is growing like a weed! We need to take a Tigger photo for Auntie this week!

    P.S. love the letter idea – you guys will love it years from now I am sure!

  3. The letter idea is pretty cool. You rock!

  4. I love this letter, it will be a good diary for JJ, when he grows up, he will be really appreciated and felt the loves from mom…..

  5. JJ is the sleepiest little guy that I have ever met. He eats his bottles and lets out the biggest/longest yawns possible for a guy his size and then just starts to fade off to sleep. He is liking sleeping in the wedge again which is nice since it makes me feel more comfortable.

  6. Dear JJ,

    I am writing this very late as I wasn’t sure when Mama started writing these monthly notes to you that I was supposed to add my memories/thoughts as well.

    What I will always remember about the earliest month of your arrival onto the scene were:

    (1) You loved your Mama very much right from the start and would literally only sleep if you were lying perpendicular to Mama in the bed with your head resting on her belly. We tried to have you sleep in your bassinet in the room with us for the first 4 weeks, but you hated to sleep on your back and
    you were really pretty loud for such a small guy.

    (2) You loved songs and music. I could always get you to calm down by walking around singing a modified version of “Rockin Robbin.” “Rockin JJ became a mainstay of the first few months of your life and you would always smile and snuggle in when I sang it to you.

    You have been a great baby with a big appetite and a love for sleeping. Mama and I love you very much and are so excited about all of the wonderful and exciting things that we will do with you as you continue to grow.


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