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Finding Them

As a first time mom, I was wondering where other new moms are (when they are not at home, with a pillow over their heads, to muffle the cries)… and I have started finding them… today I went to a mom and baby fitness class at the gym – and lo and behold, lots of first time moms!  and equally as  important, these moms want to meet other moms!

They told me about 2 story times – one in walking distance from my house at the library, and another at a nearby library.  So that’s where we’ll be Monday and Wednesday morning – finding more moms 😉

I also want to sign Baby J up for music and gym class, but he has to be 4 months old.  Dude is only 10 weeks, so I guess I have some time.  Soon, though, he’ll be all scheduled out.  Hehehe, I guess it is better for him to get used to it now…

(sorry no pics, will download from my camera this weekend and put some up next week)


Cool Giveaway

Go to Creature Comforts to enter a giveaway for a chance to win this cool instant camera:

(Photo credit:

I’d love to win it – or buy it – doesn’t it look like fun?!  Many scrapbooking possiblities…

The most loved baby ever!

Before Baby J came into the world, there was no one who was anticipating his arrival more than my mother.  I mean, I was looking forward to meeting him and all, but she couldn’t wait for him to get here!  On the day that we were scheduled to come home, Mom waited for us on the stairs in front of the window for hours, just so she could be outside the instant we got home – to help, and also to see JJ.

I know they say there is nothing like a mother’s love, but in our case, there is nothing like an Asian grandmother’s love for her first born grandchild (who is a boy!).  From what I can tell, Mom has never loved anything or anyone as much as she loves JackJack.  Even his poop is not gross (and I am the first one to say it indeed is).  Lucky baby  – everyone should be loved so fiercely by someone!

Mistaken Identity

My Pal Al got her purse and phone stolen (ugh) and she is in the process of re-entering all of her contacts. Evidently she transposed one of my numbers and thus engaged in the following hilarious txt mgs convo:

My Pal AL: Aww, I just put J’s announcement & pic on the fridge!! 🙂
“Me” (so she thought): Who dis?
MPA: Al P. 🙂 Remember me?
“Me”: Where i kno u 4rm?
MPA: Well, for starters, we were bridesmaids in each others’ wedding. Also, since 7th grade. Is this not Tingaling?
“Me”: Naw
“Me”: U gud
Hehehe – I laughed out loud when I read it! I think I should try to incorp “Who dis?” and “U gud” into my own txt messages. Too funny!

Baby J’s Gonna Knock You Out

L.L. Cool J.J. – Ladies Love Cool JJ

Here’s a video of JackJack practicing to be a knock out!

JackJack’s from Tingaling on Vimeo.