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This is the new chanbelier

Our house is a work-in-progress.  and it seems like things can’t really get done unless there is a hard deadline.  So I told S, my friend and interior designer, that I wanted to have some things in place for JJ’s christening, one of them being new lighting in the kitchen (to replace the heinous builder spec lighting).  I really love both the lanterns over the kitchen table:

and the new, large chandelier over the island:

I wanted both to be put up on Tuesday, before M and fam got into town, but the island chandy wasn’t ready, so that got put up on Friday, when everyone was around.  And I guess it had an impact on Little E, our niece, as she drew this for me:

Isn’t it amazing?!  I want to put it somewhere in the kitchen.  She really is a great kid.  I hope JJ grows up to be a lot like her!

Aren’t they adorable?!  My mom was ready to take her home, she was so enamored with her.  Hopefully they’ll get to see a lot of each other and become close friends.

So Awesome

We’ve had the best past few days!  John’s bro, his wife and their adorable daughter, little E, have been in town for JJ’s christening since last Wed night.  We love hanging out with them, and it was so nice to have them come visit for a few days.  Then Mom and Dad came down for the weekend, and we got to see Yarbs and Joe this weekend as well.  So it has been an awesome week!

The actual christening was very nice – not too long and very sweet.  I even got a little teary eyed.  JJ did so well – he didn’t even cry when the priest poured water over his head (probably since we pour water on his head every time he gets bathed).  He is such a good, good boy!

And little E was a real joy to be around!  Not only is she freakin’ adorable, she is a really great kid.  She eats well, sleeps well, always will try new things, doesn’t complain and is so sweet and affectionate.

We checked out a lot of the kiddie places in H-town (pics to come) and I really think she has a great time!

And of course Mumsie loved loved loved being around JJ.  She and Yarbs got JJ some really wonderful heirloom gifts (that I picked out, of course  😉 but she also got JJ a pair of porceline angels from Germany (and a lederhosen!) to “watch over JJ” when she is not here.  I didn’t know Mumsie could be so sentimental.  It is really sweet.  I think this visit was a little too short for her taste, but she’ll be back in just a couple weeks.

Boom and I are so thankful that we have such a great family!  Selfishly, I am so glad we are back in TX and close to Yarbs and Mom and Dad.  I do feel bad that we are so far from Boom’s side of the family – currently Maine is where 2 of the 4 siblings live, and it is just way too cold for us to live up in Maine.  We’ll just have to make up for it by seeing everyone over the summers, and planning vacations with his siblings.

(As a side note, earlier this week, JJ was still being a real pill.  But he has since really taken a turn for the much better  – so he is back to his normal self.  Last night he ate around 6:30pm, we put him down for bed around 8pm and he didn’t wake up until 6am!  A couple times he did fuss a little bit in the middle of the night, but each time he soothed himself back to sleep before I could even warm his bottle!  I certainly hope this trend continues!)

Four Months

Dear Baby J (aka Mr. Crabbypants) –

On Friday, you turned 4 months old.  You are much more aware of your surroundings and have more control over your hands now.

This past week has been very challenging (and still continues to be).  You have been all out of sorts – not napping well and not eating very well either (I guess you are consuming enough food, but to get it in you has been a huge pain – you wax on and wax off with your arms so the bottle has no chance of staying in your mouth).  I think you might be teething or at least having some teething pains, as you have many symptoms that point to that (drooling, chewing on hands, fussiness, not wanting to suck, etc).  I hope you snap out of it soon, and I get my easy going baby back.

You definitely are driving your dad and me to drink.  And driving me to eat sugar (gasp).  I blame my not losing my baby weight on you – some mornings I am just too tired from waking up in the middle of the night to go running.  Taking you top  the gym worked once, but the 2nd time they had to come find me b/c you were crying.  I will try again at some point.

I do think child rearing is the hardest job ever.  Moms don’t get enough credit.  Staying at home full time is awesome, but also really tough.  Hopefully we’ll all make it through unscathed.

This month we had a non-relative babysit for the first time ever.  I wasn’t too nervous leaving you, as Maria is the former nanny (for 18 months!) of one of our friends, so I knew she was fully vetted.  She seemed really great and you didn’t seem to mind being left.  When we were driving from the house, I was all smiley, as I felt like I had a new lease on life!  If grandma is unavail (she was in Europe) and Yarbs is as well (headed to PV), then your dad and I can still head out once in a while.

We’ve taken walks with Ruby – which is a huge step.  If I put you in the Baby Bjorn, then I can take Ruby with us on her leash.

You’ve started to notice the rickrack on your burpees as well as the different patterned fabrics on said burpees.  Since you are getting more coordinated with your hands, I’ve seen you holding an end of your burpee when you are in your carseat, and examining either the trim or the fabric.  It is really adorable.

You are getting BIG!  Still round in the middle, and chubby, but getting longer.  I can’t believe sometimes how tiny you used to be.  You like to push off with your legs, so you can stand (assisted) quite well.  Not really close to being able to sit unassisted, but all in good time.

They say you can start solids this month – I would like to wait until you can sit up in your high chair or Bumbo before we start solids.  Also, we have to get through this rough patch, too.  But I am totally excited to start making baby food – I have the Babycook appliance that will steam and puree foods that I want to use!  and I have multiple baby food cookbooks.

You will be starting “school” in the fall – you’ll be 9 months.  I am excited for you and me!  You’ll get more socialized and make friends, and I will have 2 mornings off 🙂  and also get to meet more mommy friends.

I know you are having a tough time right now.  I just wish I could make it better.  Hopefully we’ll all get adjusted soon, and back on schedule.  You still are so adorable and are so loved by Boom and me.

I know I complain, but really, even at your most fussy, you are still much easier to deal with than a lot of babys out there.  and your smiles make all the hard work worth it.




Here is a pic of Baby J:

No commentary today.


The hubs clearly thinks I am high maintenance or something… this is the text I received from him 7 minutes ago…

(Let me set the stage… it usually takes around 30 -45 minutes to feed Baby J.  I left this morning at 8am (the same time Baby J woke up for his breakfast feeding) for the periodontist (fun times).  When I returned at 930am, I was fully expecting the hubs to have already put Baby J down for his morning nap.  Boy, I was surprised to hear JJ still working on his bottle, an hour and a half after he started.  Turns out, JJ wasn’t cooperating that much with the hubs…  JJ wouldn’t finish one bottle, but took the other one.)

Boom: When Baby J was all pissy about not wanting the old bottle and then jumped on the new bottle I thought to myself “oh my god (or OMG, if the hubs was trendy), my son is a little boy Tingaling”. I can’t wait until he calls me in the dark of the night to turn his pillow butt away from him

In my defense, pillow butts (esp. ones in hotels) are gross.  I think we can all agree on that.  I am not so concerned with pillow butts of pillows that we own, but I would rather not have one facing me, given the choice.

(As a side note, once I took JJ, he finished the current bottle and then also the “old” bottle and then another 2 ounces that I had to make for him!)


Big happenings with Baby J – last night he slept without his wedge sleep positioner!

I remember going to Target and looking at their baby stuff – not looking for anything in particular but being at my wit’s end during one of those early sleepless periods.  I saw the wedge and it was on sale for less than $15, so I figured, what the heck?!  We’ll give it a try… and it has been really great for us – JJ never enjoyed sleeping on his back, so this contraption helped us put him on his side – and the wedge elevated his head slightly so he would not spit up.  Love how such a cheap thing has been an integral part of JJ’s sleep life.

But he’s been really active in his crib – so I knew soon it would be time to retire the wedge.  And that scared me a little bit, just wanting to make sure JJ was ok with the change.  He seems to be just fine – now he can scoot all around the crib (and roll over, I am assuming) without the wedge getting in his way.  Safer this way as well.  He is currently taking his morning nap without the wedge, and is still asleep, so that is a good sign.

And per my mother’s request, here are a couple pictures of the little guy (and mom, have you gotten JJ a lederhosen yet?):

This ensemble is just adorable!  The feet are monkeys – and it came with 2 tops – 1 long sleeved and 1 short sleeved.

Recently it has gotten a bit warmer, and I realized that I have no shorts for JJ.  Good thing some of his pants are getting too small / short, so he basically has a bunch of capri pants to wear!  I will get him some shorts at some point.  When it is consistently hot.

I’ve ordered him some bubbles, which is what I really want him to wear in the heat of the summer, as they are so cute, but still preppy and will keep him cool when it is blazing hot and humid.

Lucky, Lucky Girl

Yesterday, a friend of mine called with a potential lead on a part time job at a non-profit. While I have been saying all along that I want to go back to work part time, her message really affected me. ‘I’m not ready’ is what raced through my mind. Not ready to give up my time with Jbird. For as much as I complain, I know that I am so lucky and fortunate to be able to spend these precious days with him.

And I do want to go back to work, but maybe in a few months or perhaps a year… he is already growing up too fast, and I don’t want to miss any of it!

As much as my life has changed, I really think I’d cry and cry if I couldn’t take him to Storytime or hold him when he is ready for his nap.  Not that my life is exciting, the exact opposite actually, but I love it.  I really, really love my life right now.