I am loving the story times and gym class that Baby J and I go to.  Good for baby to get out, and really good for me to make mommy friends.  And, since Baby J is usually the youngest, I hear about what the older kiddies are doing so then I know what to expect.

This summer, we’ve signed up for “swim” class.  I also want to look into music class as well as a gym class for baby.

And good news – we got into our first (and only) school of choice for this fall – so exciting!  I think it will be really great for Baby J to socialize and learn  – starts at the end of August.  He’ll be 9 months old – ready to soak in all the knowledge!

For the story times, I like to dress Baby J in separates.  I like to change him out of his sleepers every morning.  Sometimes I’ll keep him in his sleeper for gym class, but I have even started changing him for that.

This morning (like every morning) I thought he looked especially cute:

The white collar and shirt tails are connected to the orange and blue shirt. It is a newborn shirt, so that is why the sleeves are a little short, but it fits everywhere else.

He has a lot of short sleeved t-shirts, so I am hoping he doesn’t grow too fast and can still wear some of those once the weather warms up.


2 responses to “GQ-t-pie!

  1. He looks like such a little guy in that picture. Can’t believe he is growing up so fast.

  2. OMG – I can’t believe how CUTE he looks here! I adore this little outfit! He looks almost like a little boy. Growing way too fast!

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