Big happenings with Baby J – last night he slept without his wedge sleep positioner!

I remember going to Target and looking at their baby stuff – not looking for anything in particular but being at my wit’s end during one of those early sleepless periods.  I saw the wedge and it was on sale for less than $15, so I figured, what the heck?!  We’ll give it a try… and it has been really great for us – JJ never enjoyed sleeping on his back, so this contraption helped us put him on his side – and the wedge elevated his head slightly so he would not spit up.  Love how such a cheap thing has been an integral part of JJ’s sleep life.

But he’s been really active in his crib – so I knew soon it would be time to retire the wedge.  And that scared me a little bit, just wanting to make sure JJ was ok with the change.  He seems to be just fine – now he can scoot all around the crib (and roll over, I am assuming) without the wedge getting in his way.  Safer this way as well.  He is currently taking his morning nap without the wedge, and is still asleep, so that is a good sign.

And per my mother’s request, here are a couple pictures of the little guy (and mom, have you gotten JJ a lederhosen yet?):

This ensemble is just adorable!  The feet are monkeys – and it came with 2 tops – 1 long sleeved and 1 short sleeved.

Recently it has gotten a bit warmer, and I realized that I have no shorts for JJ.  Good thing some of his pants are getting too small / short, so he basically has a bunch of capri pants to wear!  I will get him some shorts at some point.  When it is consistently hot.

I’ve ordered him some bubbles, which is what I really want him to wear in the heat of the summer, as they are so cute, but still preppy and will keep him cool when it is blazing hot and humid.


5 responses to “Wedge-less!

  1. I am glad that the wedge is gone and I will put a clean sheet on the crib for the little man this evening when I get home. Putting a new sheet on is a bit of a production so you really need a certified expert with the mind of an Albert Einstein and the strenght of say 10 clydesdales. Fortunately, I am one of the few individuals with the requisite tools.

  2. Ohh and I forgot to ask. Is JJ even in the 1st picture? It is possible that he is wearing a specially designed camoflouge outfit to blend in with the couch and make himself invisible. When he gets older and his secret agent training evolves we can incorporate face paint into his disguise to make the look complete.

  3. yes, he was definitely squirming out of the wedge last night! what a cutie he is…too bad liberty of london didn’t make any cute baby boys clothes!

  4. he really looks cute and lovely, I missed him,
    yes,I asked my tour leader first thing when I abord the ship, this morning she told me here and next stop will be the places to get lederhosen, after internet I am going shopping, by the way how old is Holly.s little girl, I am thinking get her a german doll, is it proper…

  5. somehow this german pc did not like my email address, so <I use dad.s email

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