The hubs clearly thinks I am high maintenance or something… this is the text I received from him 7 minutes ago…

(Let me set the stage… it usually takes around 30 -45 minutes to feed Baby J.  I left this morning at 8am (the same time Baby J woke up for his breakfast feeding) for the periodontist (fun times).  When I returned at 930am, I was fully expecting the hubs to have already put Baby J down for his morning nap.  Boy, I was surprised to hear JJ still working on his bottle, an hour and a half after he started.  Turns out, JJ wasn’t cooperating that much with the hubs…  JJ wouldn’t finish one bottle, but took the other one.)

Boom: When Baby J was all pissy about not wanting the old bottle and then jumped on the new bottle I thought to myself “oh my god (or OMG, if the hubs was trendy), my son is a little boy Tingaling”. I can’t wait until he calls me in the dark of the night to turn his pillow butt away from him

In my defense, pillow butts (esp. ones in hotels) are gross.  I think we can all agree on that.  I am not so concerned with pillow butts of pillows that we own, but I would rather not have one facing me, given the choice.

(As a side note, once I took JJ, he finished the current bottle and then also the “old” bottle and then another 2 ounces that I had to make for him!)


4 responses to “Hrump…

  1. Listen Miyagaling. I am not sure what you teach Baby J when I am not at home, but this morning every time I tried to get the bottle near his mouth he was all “wax-on, wax-off, paint-a-fence!” arms flailing about defending himself from the deathly bottle blows. We work at it for like 25 minutes, take a break to read and then would get an ounce down at a time. It was just an awesome feeding experience.

  2. Ohh – and I don’t think you are high maintenance I think you suffer from OCD!

  3. high or öow maintenance is not the problem but where is pictures of JJ????

  4. does this mean that Boom has to turn his pillow butt away from you in the middle of the night? I am a bit confused 😉

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