Four Months

Dear Baby J (aka Mr. Crabbypants) –

On Friday, you turned 4 months old.  You are much more aware of your surroundings and have more control over your hands now.

This past week has been very challenging (and still continues to be).  You have been all out of sorts – not napping well and not eating very well either (I guess you are consuming enough food, but to get it in you has been a huge pain – you wax on and wax off with your arms so the bottle has no chance of staying in your mouth).  I think you might be teething or at least having some teething pains, as you have many symptoms that point to that (drooling, chewing on hands, fussiness, not wanting to suck, etc).  I hope you snap out of it soon, and I get my easy going baby back.

You definitely are driving your dad and me to drink.  And driving me to eat sugar (gasp).  I blame my not losing my baby weight on you – some mornings I am just too tired from waking up in the middle of the night to go running.  Taking you top  the gym worked once, but the 2nd time they had to come find me b/c you were crying.  I will try again at some point.

I do think child rearing is the hardest job ever.  Moms don’t get enough credit.  Staying at home full time is awesome, but also really tough.  Hopefully we’ll all make it through unscathed.

This month we had a non-relative babysit for the first time ever.  I wasn’t too nervous leaving you, as Maria is the former nanny (for 18 months!) of one of our friends, so I knew she was fully vetted.  She seemed really great and you didn’t seem to mind being left.  When we were driving from the house, I was all smiley, as I felt like I had a new lease on life!  If grandma is unavail (she was in Europe) and Yarbs is as well (headed to PV), then your dad and I can still head out once in a while.

We’ve taken walks with Ruby – which is a huge step.  If I put you in the Baby Bjorn, then I can take Ruby with us on her leash.

You’ve started to notice the rickrack on your burpees as well as the different patterned fabrics on said burpees.  Since you are getting more coordinated with your hands, I’ve seen you holding an end of your burpee when you are in your carseat, and examining either the trim or the fabric.  It is really adorable.

You are getting BIG!  Still round in the middle, and chubby, but getting longer.  I can’t believe sometimes how tiny you used to be.  You like to push off with your legs, so you can stand (assisted) quite well.  Not really close to being able to sit unassisted, but all in good time.

They say you can start solids this month – I would like to wait until you can sit up in your high chair or Bumbo before we start solids.  Also, we have to get through this rough patch, too.  But I am totally excited to start making baby food – I have the Babycook appliance that will steam and puree foods that I want to use!  and I have multiple baby food cookbooks.

You will be starting “school” in the fall – you’ll be 9 months.  I am excited for you and me!  You’ll get more socialized and make friends, and I will have 2 mornings off 🙂  and also get to meet more mommy friends.

I know you are having a tough time right now.  I just wish I could make it better.  Hopefully we’ll all get adjusted soon, and back on schedule.  You still are so adorable and are so loved by Boom and me.

I know I complain, but really, even at your most fussy, you are still much easier to deal with than a lot of babys out there.  and your smiles make all the hard work worth it.




3 responses to “Four Months

  1. Dr. JJ –

    You are such a good boy and I am very proud to be your dad. Today you and I went to the pediatrician for your 4 month check up. Your Mummy was double booked so it was just the guys on this trip. You wore your cool track jacket and your turtle hat. I carried you in the orange babybjorn and when we got to the Dr. office 15 miuntes early it was all locked up. Guess they don’t open until 9:00 AM. You and I got some quality time walking around the halls of the building and lots of folks commented on how cute you were.

    You were already really tired by the time that we got in to see Dr. C, but you did a really good job. They measured you and you were 25+7/8″ which was 75%. Your head was 50%. You tipped the scales at 13 lbs 15 oz so really close to 14 lbs, but that was only 25% so you are a long/skinny guy right now.

    They gave you some more shots today and you did not like them very much. You cried a little bit, but you continue to amaze me with how tough you are. Within 90 seconds of getting the shots you were hugging on my neck and I was drying your tears away.

    When we got back to the car and I got you into your car seat you let out a monster yawn and then fell right to sleep. Just like Dad you like to sleep in the car. I am sure when we make the road trips up to Fort Worth I will have to pack 2 pillows for you and Mummy. Ruby get’s her own bed, but watch out because she will no doubt try to steal your pillow as well.

    I love you buddy,

  2. I love the letters from both mummy and dad – they are so sweet!

  3. both letters have so much loves , JJ is so lucky to have you guys as parents..

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