This is the new chanbelier

Our house is a work-in-progress.  and it seems like things can’t really get done unless there is a hard deadline.  So I told S, my friend and interior designer, that I wanted to have some things in place for JJ’s christening, one of them being new lighting in the kitchen (to replace the heinous builder spec lighting).  I really love both the lanterns over the kitchen table:

and the new, large chandelier over the island:

I wanted both to be put up on Tuesday, before M and fam got into town, but the island chandy wasn’t ready, so that got put up on Friday, when everyone was around.  And I guess it had an impact on Little E, our niece, as she drew this for me:

Isn’t it amazing?!  I want to put it somewhere in the kitchen.  She really is a great kid.  I hope JJ grows up to be a lot like her!

Aren’t they adorable?!  My mom was ready to take her home, she was so enamored with her.  Hopefully they’ll get to see a lot of each other and become close friends.


5 responses to “This is the new chanbelier

  1. I love all the new lighting! It really brightens up the kitchen!

    And, yes, Erin is quite a doll. I’m sure JJ will love having her as a big cousin!

  2. The new lighting looks fab!!!

    Love the title of this post too, btw – so cute!


  3. Little E is feeling famous with her artwork published on Tingaling. E wants to let all know that she misses the aquarium, museum, park and baby J. H misses the weather (it is still raining here) and baby J also. If the artwork sells E would like all proceeds sent to her piggybank.

  4. JJ has been back into his routine for a few days now and is putting up some huge numbers with his eating. Last night he put away 9.5 ounces and was like a wild man looking for more. He claims that the large meal intakes are a result of his need to load back up after burning so many calories with all of the activities and excitement during the week leading up to his big day.

    I think he is going to start packing on the pounds at this point. He is already starting to look like a bruiser.

  5. missing JJ…..I showed off his pics everyshere I went, everybody was so amazing about his cutie looking….

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