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5 Months!!!

Dearest Baby J –

On Tuesday you turned 5 months (I had realized this month that I was counting months incorrectly.  I was using 4 wks = 1 month, but that is not entirely correct, so now I am doing it based on date, duh)!  From 4 months to 5 months was am amazing time!

Not only are you still unbearably adorable, you sleep and eat, and use your hands, and play with your feet, and love to jump, and love to grab, and roll around, and smile so charmingly, and love to hear your voice (squeak squeak!), and love to pull on my hair, and love to pull on dad’s hair (on head and in armpits!), and it has just been so fun this month!

We practice sitting up everyday, along with doing baby yoga and singing (so much singing!  good thing you don’t mind that my voice is always off tune!) and reading.  You are much more attentive when we read to you – you love some Dr. Seuss!  and you love to touch and scratch things – I think you just like to feel anything and everything around you.

You can still get a little fussy when you are over tired.  But you are just a baby, so if that is the worst of it, that is fine.  This month there were hardly any times I remember being at my wits end.  I think you sleeping through the night (so I get to sleep through the night as well!) really helps.  Everyone does better with more sleep.  And you do have an adorable sad face – where you stick out your cute bottom lip.  Luckily you’ve really only shown that less than a dozen times.  and mainly when dad is trying to sing Twisted Sister to you (I’d cry too!).

Everyone comments on what a happy and calm baby you are.  and usually that you seem so deep in thought.  You give all my mommy friends baby envy, especially with your great night sleeping.

You are getting so big!  I look at pictures of when we first brought you home and you barely look like the same baby.  I guess you were a new newborn then and now you are no longer a newborn, but an infant.  Your rubberband wrists (wrists so chubby it looks like there are rubberbands where they connect to your arms) seem to be thinning out a bit.  You are really tall!  and have big, fat feet.  You don’t like your shoes as they are too tight across the top!

You love seeing your friends at storytime and when we get together for playgroup.  You are the littlest one, but love to just watch and smile at everyone.

Now when we change you, you want to be grabbing at everything around you.  and you are squirming all around.  Sometimes when I put your down for tummy time, you are able to inch worm your way for a little bit.  I dreamed the other night that you started walking, before you could even sit up!  I asked people (in my dream), if that was possible.  and they all said, highly improbable, but possible.  and I knew that since you are such a super baby, of any baby you would be the one able to do such a thing.

You loved meeting your cousin little E as well as Aunt H and Uncle M.  They will be shocked when they see you again, as you have grown up so much!  And Aunt Yarbs love to see you as much as possible.  She is also keeping you dressed as a hip little baby!  and PoPo, of course, can’t get enough of you.  She calls and only wants to know how her little JJ is doing.

Your dad and I have had such a great time with you so far.  You are an amazing little guy – so many of my dreams have come true with you.  I am so excited for this next month and for all the years down the road.  I love you more than you can ever imagine.

Love, Mummy


Near the end of last week, Baby J started “sitting” on his own!  For just a few seconds, but this is huge!  And most of my mommy friends said their little ones did not do so until they were at least 6 months old.

His grape looks a little big in this photo – he is leaning forward.  And I had to be really close, in case he decided he wanted to topple over, hence the extreme close up. (BTW, he is looking at the TV – the NFL draft was going on and he was really quite interested in who was being drafted where!)

I am excited for him to be able to sit up (reliably) on his own – then more playing and interacting with me and his friends will be possible.

Earth Day

Happy belated Earth Day!

I like to think that Boom and I are very green – we recycle everything (as in sometimes I fish things out of the garbage to put them into the recycling), we use cloth napkins and dish towels, we have reusable bags for groceries (and errand running), I try to upcycle (like gallon cartons into storage containers, and glass jars with spray painted tops to match one another) to keep using items and not having them have to go into the recycling pile, and now that we have Baby J, we are a cloth diaper family.  Personally, we use bumGenius one-size diapers.  And we love them.  Very occasionally we will need to use disposable diaps for one reason or another, and we are always cursing them!

Sometimes I wonder if I should try another type of cloth diaper, but I am hesitant to do so because we already have a stash of bG diaps… anyway, I found this blog where she gives away different types of cloth diapers.  Currently she is giving away Tiny Tush Hemp Trim Fitted – maybe I’ll win!  Or maybe someone will win who doesn’t currently use cloth diapers, and they will be a convert!  That would be the best, I suppose.


We had to go to the pediatrician today to get Baby J’s rash on his (face) cheek checked out.  Turns out, his rash is totally normal and common, so that is a relief.  When we were at the doctors office, they weighed JJ, and he came in at a healthy 16 lbs! (well, actually 16.3, but that included his clothes and cloth diaper, so the dr and I said he is probably more like 16 lbs).  For a 5 month old (which he will be in a week), that is the 50th percentile.  So he is getting bigger, but not too huge.  The dr seem pleased that he had put on 2 lbs from the last time she had seen him.

Even the dr was saying how very cute JJ is!  I know she probably says that to all her clients, but I think she really meant it with JJ.  He really is such a cutie pie!  and more important than that, he is a happy baby!


Yesterday I went to the periodontist to have the little piece of skin that attaches ones bottom lip to ones gums clipped. For some reason I didn’t think this would be a big deal. Well, I was wrong! I can’t even eat solids, as I am not supposed to chew! And no using a straw, that creates negative pressure that could delay healing. So not only did the periodontist clip that little piece of skin, he also had to do a tissue graft – taking tissue from the roof of my mouth and patching it where the snipping took place, so that it won’t grow back. Ugh, bandages in the mouth are not fun.

At least today it does not hurt as much as it did yesterday. Still tender and will take about 4 weeks to fully heal (blah) – but I think I can eat solids in about a week. No running for 2 weeks (double blah).

So not a lot of fun, but oh well.  It had to be done, and now it will only get better from here!

My Most Favorite(s) Ever

My two best guys – both so adorable!

I know I have said it so many times, but I feel like I am the luckiest gal in the whole world!


This weekend JJ started on “solids”.  Anyone with kiddos knows that “solids” is a misnomer.  The first food, rice cereal, is mixed with formula or breast milk, and just looks like formula or breast milk with stuff in it.  Certainly not my idea of a solid food.  But, right now, it is really more about getting him used to eating from a spoon, using the muscles in his mouth to get the food from the front of his mouth to swallowing it and getting used to a texture that is not pure liquid.

He has done really well!  Doesn’t seem to love or hate the rice cereal, which is fine for now.  He is a pretty adaptable baby and seems to go with the flow for the most part.  Today I am going to feed him solids 2x – as we are supposed to be building up for 4 tablespoons of cereal a day.  Doesn’t sound like a lot, but he currently has 1 tablespoon of cereal, and can maybe finish half (at the most) of it.

I think it will be interesting to see how he likes his first veggie – sweet potato – and I am excited to use my baby food maker for that!  We’ll feed him that this coming weekend.


People often comment on how serious Baby J looks – I always say that he is deep in thought and just a genius! He definitely gets the seriousness from Boom – he is his father’s son:

Hopefully Baby J will also get Boom’s smarts, as he is the brains in this operation (and I, clearly, am the beauty :-)) Love seeing my two favorite guys together!

Witching Hours

I am not a huge fan of big, plastic-y toys for JJ.  However, I have been quite pleased with the Laugh ‘n Learn Jumperoo – I use it during JJ’s witching hours of 4pm – 6pm (not the whole time, but part of the time).  I guess they say all babies get fussy around then, and JJ is no exception.  His fussiness is probably not as bad as some, but it is nice to have something to put him in to distract him.

JJ’s Aunt H suggested that we get an exersaucer-type thing, so I decided to use a Babies R Us gc I got from one of my aunts to purchase this jumperoo.  I went to the store as I wanted it ASAP, but it is really popular!  None of the stores in the greater H-town area had it in stock.  Not a huge deal, I just ordered it on-line, but then I had to wait to get it in.

He is getting the hang of jumping, and can kind of play with the different little things around the edge.  The music (2 selections – with words and instrumental) is not too bad, could definitely be more annoying.  I also think it helps to tire him out a little, so when bedtime comes, he is that much more tuckered out.

Bag tube?

My craftiness has (clearly) taken a backseat to my other project (a.k.a. Baby J – see 50 previous posts), but a couple weeks ago I was able to whip up a much needed bag tube (tube of bags?) to get our plastic bag (i.e. poop bags for Ruby) situation under control.

Before, the bags were all shoved willy nilly in a wire basket the pantry, not close to the hall closet where we put Ruby’s leash:

After, the bags are shoved all willy nilly in the hall closet in our new bag tube, so it looks much more organized and is right next to her leash:

I try not to get plastic grocery bags or other plastic bags from stores.  So most of the plastic bags we use for poop are produce bags (I know, I need to make some reuseable produce bags), or bread bags.

This tube bag has been on my to do list for ages, so I am so glad I was able to complete it (and quickly, probably took me less than 1 hour).  And it is super useful – the best kind of craft!