When Little E was in town, she drew a picture of JJ – I really loved it and wanted to keep it, but I was told that it was for  her cousin (and another one of our neices) Little C.  HaHA – Little E ended up leaving it here!  So I claim it 🙂

I think the resemblance is uncanny:

She definitely got the big cheeks and little mouth correct!

We are trying to get JJ to sleep more when he is put down for a nap.  So lots of crying going on today…


3 responses to “Portrait

  1. I think Little E also did a very nice job with the big dark eyes. In case anyone was interested to know why JJ’s nose is red. Little E informed us ” the red was his boogers!” Evidently, I need to do a better job taking care of those with the booger sucker!!

  2. I would frame it and hang it in his room. He’ll feel like he is looking in a mirror when he sees it. Hope JJ is getting some sleep. He needs the rest before the Easter Bunny comes. Miss you all…. M,H&E

  3. my little peanut is smiling at me!

    Love the portrait – little e is very talented!


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