First Easter!

Yesterday was JJ’s first Easter.  We went to church in the morning and he did great!  He was awake for the first half and then slept like a baby for the second half.  I was just glad he could wear his adorable outfit again!

One of my friends actually gave us JJ’s outfit – and I love it so much!  I just wish he’d be able to wear it a few more times, but he is getting bigger, so I suspect he’ll outgrow it soon.

Proud papa!  Boom rated JJ against the other 2 babies in our area at church, and JJ was the winner.  There was a baby girl just one row in front of us.  She was very good, but had one little crying flare up.  The baby behind us cried quite a bit, so clearly JJ, who didn’t make one peep, was the best baby there!

I got to wear one of my fun floral tops, so that was good.  JJ makes anyone he is in a photo with look that much cuter!

And our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt with an appearance by the “Easter bunny”.  Not exactly what I expected, but that’s ok.

Too funny – I wonder how hard it was to convince that kid to dress up….


4 responses to “First Easter!

  1. from a grandmom’s view, JJ was and will always be the best and cutiest boy around ….

  2. Cute pics! I agree with mom, JJ is the cutest baby ever!

    P.S. I sent a blog award your way 🙂

  3. Looks like you guys had a great day. Can’t tell by JJ’s expression if he was overly impressed with the bunny either.

  4. Looks like all enjoyed the day, glad to hear JJ cooperated and made you proud. Love to all!

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