The Flip Over

I am finally getting around to posting some videos… here is JJ flipping over from his stomach to his back!


4 responses to “The Flip Over

  1. I would score that roll a 10 out of 10. I have been trying to get Ruby to master that move for 8 years now and all I get back is a blank stare. Jack mastered it before he reached 4 months. No telling what he is capable of. I expect greatness!!

  2. at four month, looks like he understood what you were talking (I always feel that he knew what I was talking about when we were talking) what a cute, smart little guys…I am not going to be surprised if he becomes a great scientist or musician or entrepreneur or even the president someday.

  3. My goodness…the little peanut already has so much pressure. I just love him for who he is right now…just the most adorable baby in the world!

  4. Nice work JJ. Little E is impressed, she decided she is ready for another trip to Houston as she informed Aunt H and I at dinner tonight.

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