Biggest Fan

My mom is totally awesome.  Totally freakin’ awesome.  She’s always been pretty great, but with JJ on the scene, she is #1 grandma extraordinaire!

Not only does she come down whenever we need / want her to, to watch JJ (and when I say watch, I really mean she deals with everything related to JJ.  Which was really awesome when he was still waking up in the middle of the night, as she would take those feedings to let us sleep.), she also PAINTS PORTRAITS of him.  Yes, multiple portraits have been painted.  She is pretty good!

I am so glad Mom is getting in touch with her creative side – especially now that she has a great subject.  I think a larger portrait is coming up in mid-April – I can’t wait to see it!


4 responses to “Biggest Fan

  1. Very impressive… Little E even thinks it better than the pic she drew of JJ.

  2. Wow, I am impressed!! That is precious!! 🙂

  3. yes, mom is pretty great…love that portrait!

  4. I am embarrassed( no more me pleased)…, i am just like every grandmon who loves her grandson….

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