Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

In honor of baseball season starting last week…

His t-shirt reads “I may be little but I’m a HUGE Red Sox fan” – compliments of Uncle M, Aunt H and Little E.  It fits him perfectly!  Tho Boom claims JJ is going to be an Astros fan… we’ll see…

I know that Boom can’t wait until Baby J is playing Tball / Little League.  And we have some awesome ball fields a block away from our house!  Will be very convenient.


4 responses to “Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

  1. he is getting bigger everyday, in no time he will be playing tball and go to a red sox game….

  2. OMG – love his sweet rosy cheeks! I hope JJ will be awake tomorrow so I can give him some kisses!

  3. Looking good little buddy. Don’t let dad push those Astros on you… soxs all the way. Hopefully we can get a SeeDogs game in this summer.

  4. I could probably buy season tickets to the Astros for JJ and I for roughly the same price that it would cost me to purchase the Direct TV MLB package to catch the Red Sox games. Where I would suffer a loss would be if Tingaling attended a game in JJ’s place. Her consumption of soft pretzels, cotton candy and candy apples would put us in the poor house.

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