Bag tube?

My craftiness has (clearly) taken a backseat to my other project (a.k.a. Baby J – see 50 previous posts), but a couple weeks ago I was able to whip up a much needed bag tube (tube of bags?) to get our plastic bag (i.e. poop bags for Ruby) situation under control.

Before, the bags were all shoved willy nilly in a wire basket the pantry, not close to the hall closet where we put Ruby’s leash:

After, the bags are shoved all willy nilly in the hall closet in our new bag tube, so it looks much more organized and is right next to her leash:

I try not to get plastic grocery bags or other plastic bags from stores.  So most of the plastic bags we use for poop are produce bags (I know, I need to make some reuseable produce bags), or bread bags.

This tube bag has been on my to do list for ages, so I am so glad I was able to complete it (and quickly, probably took me less than 1 hour).  And it is super useful – the best kind of craft!


One response to “Bag tube?

  1. Cool bag! I love th fabric 🙂

    Did you get my text? Can Boom watch JJ so we can shop at lunch?

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