Witching Hours

I am not a huge fan of big, plastic-y toys for JJ.  However, I have been quite pleased with the Laugh ‘n Learn Jumperoo – I use it during JJ’s witching hours of 4pm – 6pm (not the whole time, but part of the time).  I guess they say all babies get fussy around then, and JJ is no exception.  His fussiness is probably not as bad as some, but it is nice to have something to put him in to distract him.

JJ’s Aunt H suggested that we get an exersaucer-type thing, so I decided to use a Babies R Us gc I got from one of my aunts to purchase this jumperoo.  I went to the store as I wanted it ASAP, but it is really popular!  None of the stores in the greater H-town area had it in stock.  Not a huge deal, I just ordered it on-line, but then I had to wait to get it in.

He is getting the hang of jumping, and can kind of play with the different little things around the edge.  The music (2 selections – with words and instrumental) is not too bad, could definitely be more annoying.  I also think it helps to tire him out a little, so when bedtime comes, he is that much more tuckered out.


6 responses to “Witching Hours

  1. JJ looks like he is enjoying himself in the ole jumperoo.

  2. Aunt H responding: Glad he likes his saucer . You will learn to love the plastic exersaucer over time. It is a huge convenience and great time for him. Love, Aunt H and little E. Little E is looking forward to seeing her little cousin over the summer.

  3. Nice smile little J. Raise the sauser another 6 inches and your dad can jump too….

    XOXO uncle M…

  4. JJ – If you pay attention this summer when we hoop it up with Uncle M you will probably note that the jumperoo didn’t exist when he was a baby. It’s really too bad. If it had been his vertical leap might actually exceed 1″. Boom on the other hand goes about 34″ with his leap and reportedly can dunk two handed.

  5. He looks like he’s having fun! Love that you captured his smile…every time I put the camera in front of my face his smile turns into a look of concern ;)!

  6. Don’t take it personal auntie yarbs… I’m sure it has nothing to do with you…

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