Yesterday I went to the periodontist to have the little piece of skin that attaches ones bottom lip to ones gums clipped. For some reason I didn’t think this would be a big deal. Well, I was wrong! I can’t even eat solids, as I am not supposed to chew! And no using a straw, that creates negative pressure that could delay healing. So not only did the periodontist clip that little piece of skin, he also had to do a tissue graft – taking tissue from the roof of my mouth and patching it where the snipping took place, so that it won’t grow back. Ugh, bandages in the mouth are not fun.

At least today it does not hurt as much as it did yesterday. Still tender and will take about 4 weeks to fully heal (blah) – but I think I can eat solids in about a week. No running for 2 weeks (double blah).

So not a lot of fun, but oh well.  It had to be done, and now it will only get better from here!


3 responses to “Owwwww

  1. How funny is that… Little J moves to solids and mom has to go to formula or _____ milk… I would not suggest posting that picture.

  2. hee hee – i love uncle M’s commentary! hope you are feeling even better tomorrow!

  3. it hurt…..hoping it will heal quickly…

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