Earth Day

Happy belated Earth Day!

I like to think that Boom and I are very green – we recycle everything (as in sometimes I fish things out of the garbage to put them into the recycling), we use cloth napkins and dish towels, we have reusable bags for groceries (and errand running), I try to upcycle (like gallon cartons into storage containers, and glass jars with spray painted tops to match one another) to keep using items and not having them have to go into the recycling pile, and now that we have Baby J, we are a cloth diaper family.  Personally, we use bumGenius one-size diapers.  And we love them.  Very occasionally we will need to use disposable diaps for one reason or another, and we are always cursing them!

Sometimes I wonder if I should try another type of cloth diaper, but I am hesitant to do so because we already have a stash of bG diaps… anyway, I found this blog where she gives away different types of cloth diapers.  Currently she is giving away Tiny Tush Hemp Trim Fitted – maybe I’ll win!  Or maybe someone will win who doesn’t currently use cloth diapers, and they will be a convert!  That would be the best, I suppose.


2 responses to “Earth Day

  1. I’ll try to do more, to make the earth a little better for JJ and all the children….

  2. Coming from Maine we are certainly green also… one nice thing here is they provide us trash and recycling bins and both are the same size. Most often our recycling exceeds the trash which we are very pleased with though we’ll look for new idea’s to reuse vs recycle. When it all come down to it being green means great things for the earth and it shows your support for the Irish… doesn’t get much better.

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