Happy / Sad

This one makes me so happy:

And he seems to be a pretty happy little guy, so I am assuming Boom and I are doing something right.

I just finished this book for bookclub (in only 2 days!):

Little Bee – it is good.  Made me cry.  and think… because we (members of “developed” countries) demand so much energy, countries rich in oil / gas (ie natural resources) nearly have no hope.  A few in power will kill and slaughter for the all mighty buck.  Makes me sad that there is basically no hope for Africa.  Not when the government will kill and slaughter their own people.

Sometimes I think we should just sell all of our stuff and move somewhere where we could have a simpler life.  But I don’t think it is that easy.


3 responses to “Happy / Sad

  1. Li’l JJ looks so happy and adorable…I know you and boom are doing something right!

    I understand what you mean about living a simpler life. I think we can start by just not buying so much stuff. I know I am guilty of overconsumption…

    See you tomorrow?

  2. such a happy adorable JJ..I am sure you guys must did everything right..

    yes, simpler life, start now..

    use less natural resources, eat more vegs, fruites..less clothes, shoes shopping, reuse everything that can be reused..

  3. I think JJ looks an awful lot like his Mummy in this picture.

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