Um, me…

Yay!  I am using my new baby food maker for the first time today!

(Image from

Baby J has been eating organic whole grain rice cereal for nearly two weeks now, so I think he is ready to try some sweet potatoes!

I have some mommy friends who feed their babies organic baby food from a jar.  Which is much better than the old pesticide filled baby food.  and they can see that the only ingredients are, say, carrots and water.  My argument for making ones own baby food (if one has the desire and time) is that if I wanted a carrot, I wouldn’t open up a can of carrots for myself.  I’d peel a carrot and eat it.  So for Baby J, I fee the same way.  Fresher is always better.  Just like you wouldn’t give your family frozen meals every night because it is convenient.

And yes, the Babycook is a little expensive, up front.  But I hear those little jars of organic baby food aren’t cheap either.  So I bet it evens out, and maybe even becomes cheaper to make your own baby food.  Lucky me, some of my friends in VA bought the Babycook for me as a shower gift.

Before I could use my Babycook this morning, I had to deal with Baby J’s diapers.  Meaning, pre-cleaning them (me) and then washing them (washing machine).   I then came to the realization that I am becoming that mom.  Hopefully I am not too annoying or preachy… and I guess my thought on it is that right now my “job” is to be the best mom to Baby J that I can.  So, since I do have the time and inclination, I will do anything and everything in my power to make sure he is the healthiest, happiest baby he can be!


2 responses to “Um, me…

  1. Mummy – The sweet potatoes were delicious!! They tasted so fresh and were so smooth. I can’t wait to try your next creation. I love you Mumsie!

  2. Keep progressing little J. When you get to Maine this summer it will be time for lobster. Glad to hear your enjoying mom’s creations…

    Love, Uncle M

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