Yee Haw!

On Sunday, we took Baby J to the Houston Zoo! Oh, he had a great time (when he wasn’t sleeping).  Good think Boom is such a good wild boar rider!

I was amazed at how crowded it was – but I guess most everything on the weekends will be crowded in a big city like H-town.  All the people from the ‘burbs come into town 🙂  and the weather was beautiful (hot, but not too too hot, and not really humid at all), so I am sure that encouraged people to get out and about, while they can.

So many adventures to be had… I love it now and look forward to all the fun times in the future!


2 responses to “Yee Haw!

  1. Sure I get all the credit for riding that wild boar, but it wasn’t as easy as it looks in the photo. Five minutes before that shot was taken that boar was charging through the crowded zoo terrorizing all the kids. Without any concern for his own safety Jack jumped out of of the stroller and took the beast on mano-a-boaro. He wrestled the beast to the ground and hog tied it faster than Tingaling could say “dagnabit!” Then he used his boar whispering skills to tell the boar to stand still while he and his Pops took a victory photo as a keepsake. Little JJ reminds me of a young Teddy Roosevelt!!

  2. Not quite sure what to say after the comment above! But the photo gave us a good laugh this morning. We’ll have to see the zoo next time we are out.

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