Brady stole Bubby!

Little Baby J (a.k.a. Bubby) could be the stunt double for Benjamin Brady Bundchen (at least from behind)…

It is quite uncanny how much BB looks like Baby J – the hair color, shape of head, skin coloring, little bowed legs, etc…

I am sure Baby J could dominate BB right now, since he is a few months older and bigger, but probably he won’t ever be bigger than BB again – Boom and I aren’t pro-athlete and supermodel tall – close, but just not quite.


3 responses to “Brady stole Bubby!

  1. I do see the resemblence! But our Bubby is going to be much cuter 🙂

  2. I agree with yarbs…

  3. the similarities certainly stop at the father figures when you consider Papa Brady arm is as big as JJ’s Papa’s neck….

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