Lazy Weekend

We had a nice weekend just hanging out.  It rained and rained on Saturday, so no adventures for us that day.  On Sunday, the rain stopped and the sun came out (thus making it very humid) so we went to the pool with Baby J.  It was his 2nd time in a pool and he didn’t seem to mind it too much, event though the water was cold!  I forgot to bring the camera to the pool, so this photo is from our relaxing time before the pool:

I love that Bubby and Boom are best friends!  It is just too cute for words!!!


3 responses to “Lazy Weekend

  1. Nothing beats hanging with JJ and Tingaling!

  2. cute photo! cant wait to see the peanut tomorrow!

  3. cute, cute, cute…missing him a lot..

    grandmom and I are at the library waiting to skype to you guys…I was at the library early and told her to come around 8:30 taiwan time, but she could not wait come one hour early, so now we just waiting for the little prince to show up…

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