Super Baby!

I know, I know, every parent thinks their baby is amazing.  And they are.  It’s just that Little Bubs is totally the most amazing and smart and awesome baby ever!  He really is a good, good baby, and more than that, he helps make my job as Mumsie a little bit easier.

Case in point, we’ve been using a paci(fier) to help get him down to sleep for naps and bedtime.  A mommy friend of mine, V,  weaned her daughter off her paci at 6 months, and I was planning to do the same.  So I’ve been thinking about this and have told Bubby that in a few weeks we’d have to start the weaning process.  I reminded him of this just the other day, and then, voila!  He no longer will take his paci!  He weaned himself cold turkey!  And to think I was dreading having to wean him…  lucky for me, Bubs is the best little guy and he really helps me be a good mom – and makes me look good for my mommy friends!

V did comment, when I relayed the story to her, that my next child is likely going to be a little devil, as “nothing is for free”.  I mentioned this to Boom and he was all, yes, the next baby will likely have your disposition rather than mine, like Bubs has.  I was all, Hrump, what does that mean? It isn’t bad to have my disposition.  And Boom was all, No, not bad.  But that baby will be all particular and want what he/she wants.

Little Bubby will also engage himself in “independent play time” in his crib.  Which is amazing.  He sometimes will wake up from naps and just hang out in his crib for nearly an hour!  We’ve put donkey, his best stuffed buddy, in there with him so he can have a friend.  It is awesome when he plays independently in the morning, as I try not to get him out of his crib until 7am.  I guess not all babies do this, so, again, we are so lucky.  Lucky that Bubby is just the most awesome baby ever!


3 responses to “Super Baby!

  1. I am 100% agree….

    last night, grandmom is the first time saw JJ alive on the screen, she was really happy, she keep saying that JJ is such a lovable baby and looks like at least 2 years old.

    I found out there is a cafe close by has wireless, I like to skype at there because in the library you are not suppose to talk.

  2. I comletely agree that JJ is the best baby ever. Can’t wait to see him to get some birthday kisses 🙂

  3. As evidenced by the photo above JJ has inherited Boom’s superhuman abdominal strength. He is as rigid as a board. A washboard that is!

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