Sometimes it is easy to take my life for granted. Then, like a kick to the face, I am confronted with something (or someone) that makes me want to cry and not take anything for granted.

Today we had music class. It is really cute – a lot of singing and moving around. We had already started when a child and a white haired lady came in – “Trey” looked to be about 1 year old. I saw that something was not right with his face, but not until they sat down did I really see – he had no eyes. I don’t know what would cause such a thing, but there was no sockets, and of course, no eyeballs. “Sue”, his caretaker (I surmise), was very loving and good with him. He loved the music and liked to sway when we were singing.

It made me want to cry – and I nearly did, a couple of times. Just because life is unfair. This little guy didn’t do anything to deserve the hardship that was bestowed on him. And life probably hadn’t been easy so far, and I am assuming it wasn’t going to start being easy now. I also wondered about his parents. Did they hire Sue so they could both work full time? or did Sue have special skills in dealing with special needs kids? How were they dealing with the hand life had dealt them? or had they caused it somehow?

It made me want to hug and squeeze Bubby tight, and really never let go. It made me realize that while I was concerned with what kindergarten he would be going to (in a few years), other people had far more serious things to be worried about. I also hope that Trey’s parents are better than me. That they were not too disappointed when they realized their child was not going to be able to fulfill all of their hopes and dreams they have for him. But mainly it makes my heart ache.

I am realizing that becoming a parent has really changed my outlook. I would do anything for Bubby not to have any serious illness, that I would be willing to take on any hardship if it could help keep him safe.  and when we got home for music class, I just snug snugged with my little guy, for as long as he would let me.

Here’s the cutie:

I am not going to forget to be thankful everyday, for everything that I have.


2 responses to “Life

  1. My goodness – poor little baby. We are so lucky to have our health – it really is the most important thing! I agree – we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Love you guys so much!

  2. it makes my heart aching, hoping the new technology will make Trey’s life easier and hoping his other senses will be much much better . May be he will be a great musician.

    we should be always thanksful for everything we have, especially thankful we have JJ to love and to be loved…

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