Happy Half Birtday!

Dearest JJ –

You are now 6 months old!!!  I can’t believe it – the time seems to be just flying by!  It makes me a little sad that things are going by so fast, but that is life and it is just a good reminder for me to enjoy the present.  So much has happened this month…

You continue to be a good sleeper.  Besides a few hiccups, you sleep through the night pretty reliably.  Even after giving up your soothie (paci)!  So much so that I have started with the neighborhood bootcamp!  But you are an early riser  – around 6am – usually we can keep you in your crib until at least 630am.  At that point either Dad or I changes your diaper and brings you into bed with us.

And you are taking after me with your appetite!  I know you often empty out your hollow leg, how else could we explain where all the food goes?!  You have solids 3x a day with a bottle, and your final feeding is just a bottle.  So you are eating only 4 times a day – I have mom friends who’s kids are nearly a year old and still eating every 2 – 3 hours.

Carrots have become your favorite veggie.  Other veggies in your repertoire include sweet potatoes and avocados.  You love fruits – bananas and prunes, but I have to limit your intake, as they seem to pass through you quickly.  Pears don’t agree with you.  I like to mix all of your food with baby rice cereal, to make a more complete meal.  Your most favorite part of eating solids is drinking water from a cup (like the books recommend)!

And you have 2 little teeth that have come in!  You did get a little feverish and grumpy when that was all going on (and on a night when Dad was out on business!  You puked like a billy goat all over your sheets and bumber cover!  That night was hard, as I just wanted to hold you, but had to get the sheets off and bumper cover off, but didn’t really have a good place to put you… anyway…), but who can blame you?  I am sure it didn’t feel good.

Now you have a funny and adorable grumpy face that you make when you are overtired or over hungry.  You kind of squish you face up and then yell!  Yesterday we went to the zoo, and had to skip your 3rd nap – never again will I make that mistake.  You cried more than you ever have in your life!  Too tired and it was sooo hot.  All of the other mom’s were in amazement – all, I’ve never heard J cry before!  Well, you certainly did cry.  But really, to have gone 6 months without such a meltdown is quite remarkable.

You love to giggle when I pretend to eat your fingers and hands, “YUMMY!”   You love our game so much that you actually bring your fingers to my mouth.  I was so impressed, as I didn’t think you had much of a memory, but clearly you do.

You’ve started going to the Little Gym for class – the forward roll is a tough move to master!  We’re working on it.  You do a really good job of holding onto the bar and also doing the wheelbarrow.  We’ve added many moves to our baby yoga series – I’ve been a bit slack recently (we’ve just been so busy), but I will get back on it.

And music class is fun, too.  You love to see the other babies and those bubbles are so strong – you are able to hold them before they pop!

Pool time with your buddies or just me and dad is a favorite of yours.  Sometimes the cool water takes a bit getting used to, but in the end you don’t mind hanging out in your little float.  It tires your out, which is always good.

I’ve been trying to work on the baby sign language with you.  We’ve watched some videos and I really am trying to remember to sign when you are having your milk, or eating.  I do think you recognize the sign for milk, as well for eat.  Sometimes, when I am signing, I can see you looking at my hands, so I think  you are taking it in.  I think one day you’ll just surprise me and make a sign when I ask you what you want.

And you’ve Skyp’ed a few times with PoPo and your great PoPo over in Taiwan.  The internet really is amazing.  You’ll get to meet all your great-aunts and uncles and second cousins this July when Gomby gets married!  That will be exciting.

I’ve grown up a little this month too – gave you your first bath solo (!) and it worked out fabulously!  And I hardly cried when you got your 6 month shots.  Thanks for being such a brave little guy.

I love in the morning when you are fussing and I go in to get you – you always have a smile for me!  You are a happy baby, and that really is the most important thing.  You are so loved by so many people, and I think you can feel all that love.

Everyday I am so thankful you are here.  I love you so much.  and I love being your mummy!  Thanks for making it a challenging, yet so rewarding, job.  I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing, than hanging out with you!




4 responses to “Happy Half Birtday!

  1. Happy half birthday to my dearest JJ …

    whenever I am thinking about you I am smiling, you are such a blessing ..

  2. JJ is really the best baby ever. I love you so much!


  3. You are looking pretty grown up at 6 mos. I can’t wait to see all of your talents.
    It certainly sounds like you have a pretty good life. It sounds like mom and dad are keeping you pretty busy so they can get their shut eye.
    Keep the program going life is much easier if everyone cooperates. Miss you all. Nana B

  4. Dear Half-Pint;

    Six months was a great one for you as well as for Mama. You guys really stacked up the social calendar this month with the introduction of Little Gym along with the continuation of music classes, story time and visits to the pool. You guys were a couple of whirling dirveshes popping in and out of the house to see your friends and get to classes. You really started to settle into a great sleeping pattern this month and your appetite started to expand with the introduction of solids. Like Mama said you had a little issue with pears not agreeing with you that was not much fun for anyone. You got rashy and sick to your stomach.

    You unfortunately take after me in the hair department in that it grows very slow and is pretty thin. In due time it will come in nice and full and you will start to look more like a little boy than a baby. I am in no rush for that though as you are a super handsome little dude without any hair. Not many folks can pull the bald look off, but you should feel confident that even later in life your career as a major movie action here will still be going strong.

    We head up to the Cape next month to visit with my family after we host all of Mama’s extended family for a wedding here in Houston. I am quiet sure that you are going to be passed around for a lot of relatives to get some time with you so brace yourself for a lot of new faces little guy. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

    Love you so much JJ,


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