He’s a Keeper

Maybe a month ago, I realized I will be needing to replace my laptop at some juncture this year.  I went to the Apple store Genius Bar to see about syncing my Blackberry calendar with iCal (I ended up going with Google Calendar, so it syncs wirelessly!  It is awesome.) and the little 18-year-old geek who helped me was basically laughing at my laptop, since it is so old, to him.  But it is only 5-6 years old, which doesn’t seem all that old to me…  oh well.

Evidently I can’t even upgrade my operating system to the latest that Apple offers because my computer is so old and doesn’t have an Intel chip in it.  The OS that I can upgrade to is no longer sold at Apple.

Anyway, this weekend Boom and I were on the Apple site and talking about which laptop I would need to replace my old one.  Since Macs are not cheap, I mentioned that maybe I could get the MacBook (the most affordable laptop Apple makes) as the replacement.  Boom thought for a minute, and then he was all, No, you need the MacBook Pro.  Which made me laugh, since I am stay-at-home mom (albeit a kick-a$$ one).  I bet most hubbys would not argue that their stay-at-home wives “need” such a nice laptop.

Not only that, he really recognizes and appreciates that dealing with Baby J is a full time job.  Most nights he cooks, and I feel bad about that.  I feel bad that I can’t have dinner ready and the house spotless when he comes home.  But he is all, Your job isn’t to cook, it is to raise our son.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a good job with Bubby and some girl – a long time from now – will be so lucky to have him as her hubs!

I mean, how did I get so lucky to have found my soul mate at age 22?!  and somehow I didn’t run him off with all the crazies!  Sometimes I really am amazed…

Anyway, here are my two awesome guys:

Thanks, Boom, for being such a great husband and dad!


4 responses to “He’s a Keeper

  1. And to think that when we met you told me I wouldn’t last 6 months. Ha!

  2. both J’s are awesome…you are a lucky girl..

  3. Boom – we are all impressed that you have lasted 6months and then some. It takes some superhuman patience with the Tingaling sometimes 😉

    I’m thinking both JJs are keepers!

  4. Sounds to me that you have managed to keep each other content and happy. Think the new computer is a great birthday gift, You do such a great job keeping us up to date.
    Happy belated birthday! I’m all in favor of keeping both JJ’s.

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