Getting Ready

I know it is likely a couple months off, but it really looks like Little Bubs is getting ready to crawl!

We spend a good 30 minutes at least a day doing some Tummy Time.  and I think it is paying off!  Boom thinks Baby J inherited his intense look of concentration.  I think Bubs has an adorable profile!

Baby J can’t yet sit up by himself, so of course that would need to happen before crawling can occur, but his sitting is much more steady, so maybe someday soon he’ll be an independent sitter.  Then crawling… which reminds me that we need to get the house baby proofed!  and our front stairs – should we carpet them?  I hear babies love to go up and down stairs, so I suspect we’ll be spending a lot of time on them in the future…


4 responses to “Getting Ready

  1. I still can’t believe he ripped off 25 push ups like that. Granted he has his knees down, but it was a true display of upper body strength. Perfect form none the less!! That back is as flat as a board and he has the but tucked down and chin out straight. A real stikler for the rules. Doesn’t want to cheat himself!

  2. looks like he wants to get somewhere and quick!

  3. yes, he is going to crawl soooonnnnnnn….

  4. may be carpeted is a good ideal, or ask the floor people…

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