Thanks and Perfect Form!

Thanks, everyone, for the comments on my last entry!  Many thanks to Rachel at One Pretty Thing for tweeting about my freebie (I go there daily for projects, printables and inspiration!)!

I love getting free printables from around blogland (so many good ones to be had!), so I will now try to put up some of my own printables for others to enjoy.  The next one will be soon – and I’ll try to put it up as a PDF (non-personalized) so that anyone can just get it, if they want.

Baby J is well on his way to crawling.  He is able to get up on all fours / hands and knees, but just doesn’t seem to know what to do once he is there.  He rocks back and forth, but then falls, or scooches backwards – as his arms are pushing and his legs don’t know what to do.

Here he is in perfect push up position (Johnny M from Seals would be so proud!):

We spend lots of time on our tummies, so JJ can have lots of time to practice.  I try to practice sitting up with JJ as well, but he doesn’t seem to be that interested in that, and always ends up on his back or tummy when we start out sitting.

None of our other mommy friend’s kids were ever this close to crawling this early.  I wonder if my daily (well, maybe every other day) baby yoga regimen has anything to do with it?  or maybe it was like his first teeth – just something that happens (and those were on the early side – just shy of 6 months they appeared!).

I guess I’d like to take a little credit for my amazing son, but I am not sure that I can.  He’s already a calmer, more laid back person than me!


2 responses to “Thanks and Perfect Form!

  1. Every picture you send he looks like he is getting closer and closer to moving about. I can’t even imagine watching him scurry around once he is on the move. It will be awesome! LY2H

  2. I think Baby J is more like his mummy than she realizes…he’s ready to get ’em and go and that’s why he’s so ready to crawl! Can’t wait to see his cutie face today!

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