I love that Baby J already has friends – I hope we all remain friends for a long time – how amazing would that be to say you’ve been friends with someone since birth!  We met C and C when Baby J was only 8 weeks old – and it has been great getting together with them and also learning about what is to come, as C is 5 months older than Baby J.

Monday, Baby J and I were at the park with C and C, and Yarbs met us with her fancy-schmancy camera.  It really does take amazing photos (or perhaps that is the photographer?).

Boys are naturally so rough!  This was taken right after JJ grabbed little C’s cheek.  But after a quick hug from his mom, he was just fine, honest! (Also really interesting to see what a difference 5 months makes right now – Baby J is still an infant, while Little C is looking more like a little boy.  In a year from now, 5 months won’t be any big deal at all!)


… no more tears – all smiles!  What a cutie!

I did not manipulate the photo above at all – and look how amazing it is!  Love how little C is in focus and everything else is blurry.  and with the shade, the lighting is awesome, so the colors totally pop!

It can also take really great action photos:

Weeeeeee!  JJ loves to swing, and Yarbs was able to put her camera on the athletic setting and take a whole bunch of action shots.  Love his adorable mug, and how happy and excited he looks!

I don’t think I am ready to invest in a fancy camera – but maybe I’ll see if I can borrow Yarbs’ every now and again, as I am just really blown away by the amazing photos!  I guess it does help that she had some really cute subjects!


3 responses to “Weeeeee!

  1. what a cutie pair of boys…….

  2. the camera doesn’t take the photos by itself 🙂

  3. Interesting to hear that Little J was the one that casued Little C to shed tears in the first photo. From the look of the photo he seems to be very concerned and trying to comfort Little C. What a little phoney!

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