7 months!!!

Dear Baby J –

Yesterday you turned seven months!  I can’t believe you are closer to being 1 year old than not!  Time has really flown by.

You are a truly amazing little dude.  You are so aware these days – when I talk or sing to you, I can see you watching my mouth. When you are with Boom and I, you love to squeak and tell stories.  You are not so vocal around others, yet.

You are getting very good at sitting up and you are really trying to crawl!  You can get up on all fours, move your legs forward, but you still need to figure out what to do with your arms, so then you plop down on your belly.  Sometimes you will do this a couple times in a row, and you do indeed move forward.  A lot of times you will get up on all fours and rock back and forth.  Sometimes you get up on your toes and your hands – very impressive.

You also like to lay on your side – and sometimes to help balance, you will put one or both legs in the air.  It is so adorable – you look like a centerfold!  You assumed the position at music class and everyone was very impressed.

You continue to be a good sleeper.  Sometimes you like to get up earlier than I would like, but most times we don’t really have to get you out of your crib until close to 7am.  Your naps have been good as well – still in transition from 3 naps to 2 – the past few days have been pretty consistent:  nap #1 from 8am – 10am, nap #2 from 12noon – 2pm, then it is a toss up if you will take a 3rd short nap around 4pm.  Then to bed around 7pm.

We went to our first 1st birthday party this past Friday – even though it was not your bday, I feel like it is a milestone to go to the first on with you.  Your good buddy Mustang (formerly known as Little C) turned one – all the peeps from story time were there so you got to see a lot of your friends.

You are an amazing eater!  Maria, the babysitter, was so impressed that you eat so well – opening up your mouth big, not dribbling much onto your bib, drinking water from a cup.  You  seem to be processing bananas better, which is good since you like them so much.  I haven’t tried to introduce much fruit yet, as the ones that I have tried (pear and peach) did not agree with you.  You still are one mainly green and orange foods: broccoli, zucchini, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash; and some white foods: parsnip and cauliflower.  You are just a health nut!  I’ve also been giving you some baby puffs to introduce a different sort of texture.  You like them ok – you tried the Mum-Mums today for the first time and really liked them!

You are getting so big!  Our friend / interior designer saw your yesterday and said 1) that you were lengthening out, and 2) that you were starting to look more like me!  YAY!  Me – 1; Boom – 1,000,000.  At least someone thinks you look like me.  Usually the comments are all, the baby is Boom’s mini-me, I really see a lot of Boom in baby, blah blah blah…

You love getting to see Dada.  He is your bestest friend.  On the weekends, you tend to not nap as well, and my theory is that you just want to be awake to hang out with Dada.  You are not being quite so stingy with your giggles and laughter.  Lots of times it is Dada that can get those laughs out of you.  I love love LOVE hearing you laugh – it is so adorable!

You are fearless – you go to strangers without crying and I hope we can keep that up.  I am not sure when separation anxiety is supposed to set in, but I really want to avoid it if at all possible.

I have so much fun with you – I can’t even think of a time this past month that you were just inconsolable or really fussy.

I love you so much!  Thanks for being such an amazing little guy.  Everyday I am incredibly thankful that I am your mumsie.

Love, Mummy


One response to “7 months!!!

  1. I have not seen baby J for over two months now, (althought we SKYPEd a few times while I was in Taiwan) looks like he changed a lot, I hope he somehow still remember me. Can’t wait to see him in a few days…

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