Our good friend, Mustang, celebrated his first birthday on Friday!  We were so glad we were able to celebrate with him.

What a great milestone, for both baby and parents!  He’s become such a big boy!  I love being able to pick Cowgirl’s (his mom) brain for what to expect, since she goes through everything just before we do.  Not to mention she is one of the nicest people I know – so spending time with them is a lot of fun.

Here’s the rest of the crew – everyone is looking so adorable!  EZ E (middle) and his parents are moving away soon – very sad!  But it is exciting for them!  We are making more mom friends, as I want to formalize a play group when I get back home in August.

Happy birthday, Mustang!  Here’s to many more fun filled years!


2 responses to “Milestone

  1. all those baby are so lucky to have friends already at such a young age….

  2. I see Tingaling’s hand in their balancing Bam Bam. He is getting pretty close to balancing himself. A few more weeks and he will be all set!

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