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My poor laptop is so overloaded with stuff that I can’t download any of my photos onto her weary memory.  So, I won’t be posting and photos (and probably not at all) until next week.

But big news here – JJ just turned 8 months yesterday!  He is an active, active little guy – I can see that he’ll be running me ragged someday soon (unless I can figure out how to run him ragged 🙂

I’m going to enjoy my final days of vacation and I’ll be back next week!

What a difference 4 months makes

When Baby J and I went from Maine back down to the Cape, we stopped to visit an old middle school / high school friend who had just had her first baby 4 months ago.  I think Baby J really loved not being the youngest, like he is so often!

Baby J loved being able to show off that he can sit up unassisted!  and he was just making himself at home – crawling all around and playing with toys!

I really loved getting to see K, and meeting little G!  They seem game to plan a trip with the babies, so hopefully we can get something arranged.  Oh, and they will be in H-town in October, so that will be great to see them then as well.


We have been enjoying our time in Maine and Baby J really liked the beach! 

Unfort, I don’t have my power cord with me right now, so all my good pics are still on my camera.  Here are a couple I took with my phone:

It was low tide, so we dug some holes for him to sit in and play with the sand!  He had fun – and did end up eating some sand, but what are you going to do?  All part of childhood.  It was hard for me to let him get dirty, at first, but I had to just let him play.  Again, part of childhood.

He ended up taking a nap on me that morning at the beach – between the wind, sand and sound of the surf, he was exhausted!  Good thing it was cool and breezy – I just wrapped him up in a towel and made sure no skin was in the sun.  I have an adorable photo of the two of us I will post once I get back to my power cord.

At least the weather up here has been great.  A few days were a bit hot during the day, but cooled off at night.  And Little EE has so many toys, it has been like being in a toy store for JJ!  Too bad he isn’t yet too interested in toys yet.  There is a swing set in the backyard, so JJ has really loved swinging!

And Uncle M and Aunt H have been great hosts to me, the houseguest that never goes away 🙂

The Prince and the Princess

JJ and I are headed up to Maine to visit Boom’s bro (Uncle M), sis-in-law (Aunt H), and their kiddo (Little EE).  I am lucky to have such a great in-law family!  I think Little EE has really felt a bond with Baby J ever since they came down in the spring for his christening.  Last week, Boom overheard Little EE tell the other cousins, Baby J looks at me like I am his big sister.  Isn’t that just the most adorable comment ever?!

The other night I was on the phone with Aunt H, firming up the plans for the Maine trip, when somehow it came up that JJ was the little prince.  And Uncle M was all, just as long as everyone knows who the princess is!  Perfect!  I think Little EE and JJ are two peas in a pod – Aunt H and I were looking at pics of Little EE when she was a baby, and she and JJ look remarkably similar!

We are really looking forward to our time in Maine!


A couple weeks ago, when we started giving Baby J Mum-Mums, I made some comment about how, although he could feed himself the longer pieces of Mum-Mums, he couldn’t feed himself the small Happy Baby puffs.   My mom, who was close by, was all, don’t under estimate Baby J, he is so smart and so clearly gifted, he probably can feed himself whatever we ask him to.  I agreed outloud, but still secretly thought he probably couldn’t feed himself the puffs…

I am learning never to underestimate my genius baby!  Last night he used his pincer grasp (index finger and thumb) to pick up a puff and feed it to himself!  He is not supposed to be able to do that until 8 – 10 months.  Clearly he is a smarty pants! (he is 2 weeks early learning that skill!)

Babies are so amazing – I need to learn my lesson once and for all and never think that JJ won’t be able to do something.

Here’s the cutie from this past week:

He will soon be visiting the third state in his life – Maine!

I’m baaaaaaack!

The past two weeks have been way chaotic – starting at home with an onslaught of relatives coming in for my cousin’s wedding.  Folks were in from all over – Cali, NYC, Boston, Japan, etc…

JJ got to meet some of his cousins (well, my cousins and kids of my cousins, so maybe his second cousins?  not sure of the terminology) – and my little cousin, Gomby, tied the knot!

It’s funny – even though he is a ripe old 29, I still picture him as a little trouble-making, allergic-to-shellfish little boy.  Clearly he is all grown up!

Then it was onto Boom’s side of the family… we’ve been busy busy busy…

JJ got to go to the beach for the first time!  The cold water didn’t seem to bother him.

and he’s been spending a lot of time with his cousins (not all are pictured).  They are all really enjoying him, which is awesome!

The pool in the backyard helps make the lack of AC on really hot days much more bearable!  JJ loves to splash and kick his legs!  Maybe he did learn something from swim class before I dropped out 😉

Now that Boom is back home and won’t get to see us for a few weeks, I will really do a better job of updating the bloggy blog.  Luckily my mom has been out of town, or else I am sure some hate email would have been heading my way, due to my lack of posting.


JJ started having Mum-Mums earlier this week and has really taken to them.  I am not sure if it is the taste (they basically taste like nothing) or the fact that I give him pieces that are big enough for him to “feed” himself.

Sometimes he gets more hand than food, but I am really proud that he can even get close!  and glad that he is enjoying the harder texture more.

A couple times, when I tried to help him get the Mum-Mum in his mouth, he actually pushed my hand away!  I was so startled the first time, I figured it was just a fluke.  Then I tried to help him again, and again he pushed my hand away.  The second time I was startled because he usually never gives me any resistance regardless of what we are doing, really, so it is a new thing for me to have to get used to.  But it is good – he is becoming an independent little person!  and if he doesn’t want my help, he’ll just push my hand away!